Test Manager Responsibilities in an Agile Environment


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Agile Environment
Organizations that manage their own testing practices, they require test managers to act as a liaison between the testing team, development team, and customers. Their customer-driven suggestions help to ensure the maximum quality of the software and make the product successful. A test manager can easily make or break the project as he handles the testing process and works around different testing tools such as test case management software, defects management tool, and test automation tools.

Role of a Test Manager in an Agile Environment

In an Agile environment, testing and development go side by side. As time is limited so actions are carried out in a way that no time and effort are wasted at any point. As different teams work together and have numerous constraints to deal with, a test manager works around a proactive approach and has a challenging role to perform. Below mentioned are the few challenges which a test manager has to deal with and how they smartly handle all sorts of questions thrown towards them during the software development lifecycle.

Managing Team

A test manager role constantly changes from time to time as per requirement. At one point the test manager was responsible to manage the team and later they are expected to enable the team to work actively. Test managers have to be active in order to make quick decisions so that work can not be compromised. They make manual and automated testing effective with their rapid decisions. They have to smartly work around all the risks and gather relative information. A test manager is responsible to enable the team to have the mixture of right skillset which can carry out the assigned task in a successful manner and to ensure that the software is tested in an exhaustive manner.

Testing and Coaching

People working in the agile environment have to make sure that the decisions they make are accurate as the right-first-time approach is mandatory to meet the deadlines promptly. This practice calls for coaching where team members are trained properly so that they can take calculative decisions without causing any delays.

Managing Teams and Test Cases

In an Agile environment, test managers are more inclined towards test cases rather than documentation and ensure the maximum usage of test case management software to achieve the desired results. It is the responsibility of the test manager to equip his team with the right tools and techniques so that testing outcomes can be improved. The agile environment is expected to be adaptive towards the changes and everyone working in this environment is required to collaborate with one another.

A test case management software can help the team to collaborate at the maximum level as everyone can access useful information through a single dashboard which helps to overcome the challenges along with the achievement of testing objectives.

Documentation and Testing Strategy

Traditional testing practices were based on extensive documentation processes which were considered extremely important but in the agile environment, the testing approach is more focused on the strategy designed rather than documentation. A manager is expected to have a deep and broad understanding of requirements so that a fail-safe testing strategy can be designed. In these scenarios, documentation is expected to be low and concise.

Responsible for Accountability and Communication

In an agile environment, the quality of the product is not limited to the testing department, in fact, everyone is expected to play a prominent role in the whole process. However, a test manager takes up the role to facilitate everyone regarding the important points and ensures effective communication is taking place among the team members. They also escalate important points among the quality assurance testers and share the aggregated view with the senior management.


The above-mentioned points painted a clear picture of test managers working in the agile environment and how they use test case management software to come up with a successful testing strategy. Test managers are expected to have strong management skills along with the ability to work in a challenging environment.


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