Terminator or Iron Man – What will AI bring in future?


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In the age of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from Siri to driverless cars.

If you have used a GPS on Google Maps to navigate in your car, purchased a book recommended to you by  Amazon or watched a movie suggested to you by Netflix, then you have interacted with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior which relies on the processing and comparison of vast amounts of data in volumes with help of big data analytics, no human being could ever absorb.

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Bill Gates have recently expressed concern in the media about the risks posed by AI.

According to them, AI will soon replace all kinds of manual tasks and make humans redundant. This could be true in some sense but still this is a far cry from the current maturity levels of AI, which is still at the stage of figuring out real-world use cases.

Today machines can carry out complex actions but without a mind or thinking for themselves. Smartphones are smart because they are responding to your specific inputs.

The world’s top tech companies are in a race to build the best AI and capture that massive market, which means the technology will get better fast, and come at us at faster speed. IBM is investing billions in its Watson, Apple improving Siri, Amazon is banking on Alexa;  Google, Facebook and Microsoft are devoting their research labs to AI and robotics.

Together, they will swirl into that roaring twister, blowing down the industries and businesses in its path.

Within maybe few years, AI will be better than humans at diagnosing medical images and converting speech to emotions. But it can also be stealing millions of records from a government agency to identify targets vulnerable to extortion.
Soon you’ll be able to contact an AI doctor on your smartphone, talk to it about your symptoms, use your camera to show it anything it wants to see and get a diagnosis that tells you to either take a couple of Tylenols or see a specialist.

In all the fairy tales we have seen so far, good almost always wins over evil.
This is what we have seen in the movies like I, Robot or Avengers: Age of Ultron.  But Will Smith or team of avengers does not know that till end of the story. That’s where we are now: face to face with the demon for the first time, doing everything we can to get through the scary plot alive.

Today many companies are using AI for improving their business:
·         Geico is using Watson based cognitive computing to learn the underwriting guidelines, read the risk submissions, and effectively help underwrite
·         Google Translate applies AI in not only translating words, but in understanding the meaning of sentences to provide a true translation.
·         IBM Watson is the most prominent example of AI based question answering via petabytes of data retrieval that helps in various areas like finance, healthcare & insurance.

As Humans we are programmed from childhood either by nurture or nature to do things the way we do. All the nine emotions we have learned since then are the inseparable part of our lives.

But when, and if machines learns to love or hate, work in peace or retaliate in anger, then it’s not too far that, with the ability to consume & digest the vast amount of data, they will become more smarter & start taking control of the planet.

Only then we will be able to know that AI is helping us like Iron Man’s Jarvis or planning to eradicate us like Terminator!!

Republished with author's permission from original post.

Sandeep Raut
Sandeep Raut is Founder and CEO at Going Digital.He is ranked in top 10 global influencers and thought leaders in Digital Transformation.


  1. Hi Sandeep – thanks for this provocative post. I think that for the first time in our existence, homo sapiens now has the capacity to largely destroy our planetary environment. Whether that means we are in control of the planet would make a spirited debate. Either way, I don’t think that reaching this tipping point is a function of our intelligence. We’ve been the most intelligent species on earth for around 100,000 years, but it’s hard to make a case that we’ve been “in control” (I’m not sure how to define this) for any of that time. To the contrary, our capacity to destroy our environment might be more an artifact of our lack of intelligence, than evidence of innate mental superiority. Name another species that would be stupid enough to knowingly destroy its habitat, and to threaten its own existence. I can’t think of one.

    Apart from creating job-security angst, I don’t see AI as a threat to “take over” things in any negative way. For the most part, I think AI frees humans from the drudgery of repetitive, low-level mental tasks. I don’t hear anyone opining how many jobs were eliminated through the development of earth-moving equipment, or wishing for the good old days when teams of laborers toiled to build roads, or assemble pyramids.

  2. thanks Andrew, as i said if machines learn the emotions then there is a possibility that they will not remain doing low level mental tasks.

  3. Gr8 insights Sandeep,,worth it,,
    There are two types of opinions on ‘AI’,,Optimistic & Passimistic,, both got logic on the future of ‘AI’,,we actually don’t know & such fast evolving technology is difficult to predict; even AI embedded in our Toothbrushes already,, what can’t be ignored better to be converted into productivity,,having least knowledge, my take is the ” Cognitive Collaboration ” as the future business operations,, would love to quote from Deloitte research ” We Humauns must settle for solutions that ‘satisfies ‘ rather than Optimize because our memory & reasoning ability are limited ”
    “Men will set the goal, formulate the hypothesis, determine the criteria & perfom the evaluation. Computing machines will do the routinezable work that must be done to prepare the way for insights & decisions in technical & scientific thinking,, the symbiotic partnership will perform intellectual operations much more effectively than Man alone can perform them,,”
    Sandy Pentland on AI in the same research ” This has to be a Human system we live in ,,”
    finally a favourite quote; ‘ Being human means having the possibility to unconsciously shape yourself ‘
    #AI #leadershi #Management #future #retail


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