Technology Trends That Are Evolving the eCommerce Mobile App Development


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Technology advancement, customer desires, and a host of other variables influence a Mobile App Development Company. The mobile app sector has grown into a massive economic model, and it is thriving. Because mobile phones are seen as a great potential for businesses, this article will look at the newest technical advancements in mobile app development.

Technology Trends That Are Evolving the eCommerce Mobile App Development:

To better serve their clients, mobile app resellers must stay up with emerging developments. The same applies to content creators and producers that want to take their businesses online. What does the future hold for e-commerce mobile app development? We have utilized data-driven research to identify the top app development trends for 2021.

• Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce

Mobile commerce is a must-have trend for 2021 app trends. As of 2019, this tendency will continue to prosper in 2021. Everyone is using mobile applications to increase income. In this arena, everyone from major merchants to content providers and personal businesses may profit. Mobile e-commerce is a key selling point for mobile app distributors. Every online seller competes with Amazon. By 2021, mobile devices will account for 72.9 percent of total e-commerce transactions.

•Internet of Things (IoT)

An expanding network of Internet-connected gadgets provides customers with convenience and automatic control. This is a great example of IoT and mobile app development on the increase. Using a mobile app, you may control the temperature, lock or open a front door, and link to home security systems. A smartphone app can also control refrigerators and other appliances. Market size is estimated to reach $222 billion by 2021.

•5G Mobile Internet Network

5G will have a big influence on 2021 app trends. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way apps are used and developed. There are 10 times more 5G connections than in 2020. By 2022, they will nearly quadruple. 5G is projected to reduce latency by 10x while increasing network efficiency and capacity. It will improve the functioning of mobile apps. This allows app developers to introduce new features without impacting performance.

•Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been around for years. Your understanding of how sophisticated technology can be employed is still limited. When you think of AI, you think of Siri or Alexa. However, app development uses go well beyond this. Artificial intelligence can make apps smarter and eventually better. AI will revolutionize app development in 2021, from the backend to the frontend.

•(PWA) Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps provide consumers with a nearly full mobile app experience. These do not need to be downloaded from app stores. Progressive web apps may be launched straight from the browser and even without the need for an internet connection. Many businesses have effectively integrated PWAs into their website platforms and reaped considerable benefits as a result.

•Beacon Technology

Many businesses have embraced beacon technology. Beacons, created in 2013, can enhance almost any smartphone app, from retail to healthcare to hospitality. But in recent years, this technology has advanced significantly. The software can send a push notification to attract a subsequent sale of such items. As a result, the customer experience increases. According to Statista, the beacon technology market is growing at a 59.8% CAGR.


It’s hard to believe how quickly blockchain is gaining traction in big industries. Developers are already working on apps that enable blockchain. These apps would allow us to conduct bitcoin transactions and smart contracts safely. Blockchain is being integrated into mobile apps for asset tokenization as well as trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. It may also be utilized for gaming and crypto space.

•Wearable and foldable devices

Wearable technology is undeniably growing rapidly. According to Gartner, wearable devices are anticipated to reach over $81.5 billion by the end of 2021, an 18.1% rise from the previous year. The term wearable devices will soon become as obsolete as the term smartphone. For foldable smartphones, the app must be resizable; compatible with multiple screen ratios, multi-screen, and multi-resume.


Chatbots have changed and improved throughout time. Consumer demand has boosted the popularity of online chatbots. It’s the new customer service standard. Because AI powers chatbots, their replies are getting more human. This is one of the reasons why AI will continue to grow. The worldwide chatbot market grows at a 24% annual rate.

•Superior App Security

Cybercrime affects everyone. Nobody is safe, not even billion-dollar companies. When it comes to app security, you can’t afford to cut corners. App resellers must also prioritize security for their clients. App users are aware of security issues. The next time you provide your password or sensitive information to an app developer, think again.

•On-Demand Mobile Apps

In 2021, on-demand mobile app development is expected to grow. Apps like Airbnb and Uber have demonstrated how effective this type of software can be. On-demand services cost users $57.6 billion each year. This is a great opportunity for you as a mobile app reseller to expand your customer base. Your clients may add sophisticated functionality to their apps by utilizing on-demand capabilities, which will enhance earnings for everyone.

•Virtual Events Streaming

Throughout the epidemic, virtual events have grown in popularity. In 2021, it has brought with it promising prospects for Mobile Commerce Solutions. The technology consists of a variety of digital tools that assist an event planner in planning and executing any event from beginning to end. During pandemics, event planners are looking for innovative methods to bring their worldwide audience together. This tendency was highlighted by Apple’s WWDC2020 keynote, which took place in June.


E-commerce Mobile app development is evolving. So, if you create apps today with knowledge from two or three years ago, you will fall behind. You don’t have to use every trend in every app you develop. But you must understand how the market is changing so you can adjust. We found that the 12 app development trends listed above would prevail in 2021.

Rakesh Jain
Rakesh Jain is CEO and Co-founder of MobiCommerce, an eCommerce web & mobile app development company to build Magento Mobile App and PrestaShop Mobile App for online eCommerce stores. With an entrepreneurial experience of 14 years, he is a visionary who proactively look out for the next big thing.


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