Taking a Step Towards Emotional Branding in 2022 & Beyond


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In a single glance, brands must find creative solutions to achieve success in the post-pandemic marketplace. Brands are bringing forward plans to rethink and redesign their marketing models.

Brand Marketing comes with a unique set of challenges.

Possessing a compelling vision
Marketing communication
Brand value proposition
Treating brand as assets
Responding to disruption
Pushing the brand digitally

Current market reports show that the global advertising and marketing industry will grow by 5.9 percent in 2021.

Etsy is one of the top eCommerce brands in the USA that is forecasted to grow to almost 27% in 2021. This is ahead of Walmart and even e-commerce giant Amazon.

Amazon.in is one of the leading retailers in the Indian e-commerce market, with net sales of US$ 1,082 million in 2020, followed by Ajio.com with US$ 983 million.

So, what was the inspiration behind these numbers?

Etsy has combated challenges by investing in new branding tactics. According to the company’s Chief Marketer Ryan Scott, “the key strategy is to connect with new audiences through emotional advertising so that customers can relate with our products and offerings.” Further, he added, “we have shown the effort and time that goes into making something handmade.” Etsy’s growth outpaced the rest of the e-commerce brands because their advertising model is different.

This approach has attracted store owners, sellers to sell on Etsy, what they see is what they get. Amazon India followed the same strategy for its brand marketing.

Ajio also applied various methods to promote their products on social media platforms. Their tagline “doubt is out “ became famous among Indian consumers, which gave positive messages to the youth like, no matter where one is from, what one does, what one looks like, one has the right to dress according to their wish and innovate their look upon their desire. They also aim to connect to their customers through emotional branding, which is another reason for the success of Ajio.

Liked these examples? Interested in learning more?

So, let’s start by focusing on what is needed for brand marketing strategy in 2022.

Best Practices For Emotional Brand Marketing?

Be Responsive & Relatable in Your Ads

Successful organizations opt for emotional branding with creative ads that relate to a person’s emotional state, needs, lifestyle, and age group. The emotional ads create a connection between the brand and the consumer. Many companies are using this strategy to provoke in their audiences purchasing decisions.

Many companies also use predictive analysis or neuromarketing to predict consumer behavior. Emotional intelligence is a unique approach to apply for marketing and ad positioning.

Evaluate how people engage with your brand and how you can market your brand using customers’ emotions. For instance, marketing on Instagram is a great way to connect with your consumers emotionally. Your brand name, logo, color can be represented through emotional marketing. Just be responsive, relatable, and helpful in your ads.

Adding Bold Brand Statements

Emotional marketing often means presenting the importance of brand, market success, risk-taking, etc. Don’t be afraid to add bold statements in your ad campaigns that allow people to relate and ask questions about their choices.

Visualized Ads Are More Compelling

Visualized ads play an important role in emotional marketing. It is better to tell your brand story with visuals and not just words. Using effective brand statements that relate to individual experiences, attitudes, or aspirations creates an emotional connection.

Work on Your Messaging Standards

Additionally, try to visually market your products or services because people better remember what they see than what they hear. In short, your brand should look for every opportunity to ensure that audiences immediately recognize your brand from your digital presence to print materials. Have the same emotional focus on every channel with consistent visual and messaging standards.

Trying to impact the consumer mindset isn’t easy. Take an example of the world’s biggest retail brand Walmart. They gave their brand a visual identity by changing the color and text of their logo. They have also added a star-like symbol beside the Walmart word, representing the brand’s spark of inspiration.

This logo gave Walmart a new identity and put the brand on the path of eCommerce success.

But don’t cross the line. Try to make your ads conversational. Don’t over-guide your audience. Remember Fair & Lovely? They have created an emotional campaign showing the skin-lightening formula for dark-skinned women. That’s why people have lost trust in the brand. But their ads still have gone viral. Now they have changed their brand name to Glow & Lovely as previously it was a conscious provocation.

The main lesson here is to leave a positive impression on your end customers who will see your ad. Avoid over-laden ads or murky tricks to make people purchase a product from your website and regret it afterward. Instead, strive to create a natural emotional bond with the consumers.


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