Syndicate Your Blog

Already have a blog? Great! Syndicate it and get additional exposure to the 100,000+ monthly visitors to CustomerThink.

“Syndication” means that qualifying posts on your existing blog will be republished on this site, under your account. The main requirement is that your blog be relevant to our community. We cover a wide variety of customer-related topics; please see our editorial topics page for details.

Each business day the community moderator reviews new posts, selects those that qualify, then categorizes and publishes.

Please read our FAQ below for more information. Then follow the instructions at the bottom of this page if you wish to submit your syndication request. Hope to see you soon on CustomerThink!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for CustomerThink to approve a syndication request?
A: Our general guideline is that syndicated blogs should be regularly updated with the majority of posts relevant for our community. We also consider the following specific factors in approving blogs for syndication:

  • Blog owner and post authors must be clearly identified
  • Blog should be at least at least six months old with 10 or more posts
  • At least half of posts would qualify for publication

We will consider exceptions for unique circumstances. Email us to discuss your situation.

Q: How many people will view my content?
A: This of course depends on your topics, posting frequency, and how often your posts are selected for publication. Our most popular posts receive 1,000+ views in the first month after publication.

Q: Technically, can you syndicate all blogs?
A: Yes, provided that the blog has a valid RSS feed that we can access. Most blogging systems (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) provide one automatically.

Q: Can you support a blog with multiple authors?
A: Yes, provided that 1) Authors are from the same company; 2) each author is identified on the blog post; and 3) each author to be syndicated has a personal CustomerThink account. Our moderator will ensure each qualifying post is published into the correct CustomerThink account.

Q: Will CustomerThink syndicate “guest posts” on my blog?
A: No. While you may have approval to publish a guest post on your blog, the guest blogger has not necessarily agreed to be republished on CustomerThink.

Q: Can I syndicate a blog and set up an account on behalf of someone else?
A: Yes, you can submit a syndication request and set up a user account for someone else in your organization. However, the CustomerThink account must include the business email address of the blogger to be syndicated, and that individual must go through the complete author approval process including email verification. When someone comments on a blog post on CustomerThink, the author will be automatically notified via this email address.

Q: I’d like to syndicate my company’s blog, but we don’t identify authors. Is that OK?
A: Sorry, we don’t support group or company blogging by anonymous authors. Each post must identified with a specific author on the source blog and will be published into that author’s CustomerThink account.

Q: Can I syndicate “teaser” content, not full posts?
A: We don’t support partial or “teaser” posts. Our syndication system will republish the complete post content, regardless of whether the feed only includes the post “teaser.”

Q: I already have an account. Do I need to set up a new one for syndication?
A: No. You can use your current account for both direct (manual) and syndicated posts.

Q: How long does it take to set up a new account?
A: Just a few minutes. Our registration process is easy. You’ll need to verify your email address, then wait for the CustomerThink moderator to approve your account.

Q: Do you support non-English language blogs?
A: No, but we only support English blogs at this time. Our editor needs to be able to review and categorize each post.

Q: What if some of my posts are off topic?
A: Don’t worry, we screen all posts and only publish those that are relevant to our community. Posts that cannot be categorized will not be published.

Q: What kinds of posts will you not publish?
A: In general, we won’t publish posts that contain commercial promotions, personal attacks or inappropriate language. We also generally do not publish short posts (<500 words) or posts that cover topics repetitive with existing content. All content, whether posted directly or via our syndication program, goes through our review and approval process, which you can learn more about in our terms of use.

Q: Do you edit posts?
A: We don’t edit your content or fix typos. However, if necessary we will clean up HTML tagging, adjust image size/placement, and delete extraneous header/footer information that some blogging systems add automatically. Any advertising is also removed.

Q: How long will it take for my post to appear on CustomerThink?
A: Most posts are usually republished within two business days, but it depends on posting volume. Occasionally publication may be delayed if there are potential issues about complying with our terms of use.

Q: How does CustomerThink promote my content?
A: Editor’s Picks are featured on the home page every day. We also promote new posts in our site Twitter account. And each week Bob Thompson’s Top 10 “Editor’s Picks” are promoted to our 40K email newsletter subscribers.

Q: Will you help readers share my content on the Social Web?
A: Yes! Each post includes widgets where a reader can easily share your content on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Q: How will I know if someone has commented on my post?
A: You’ll received an email notification based on the subscription settings in your user account.

Q: How do I request syndication?
A: Write to the CustomerThink Editor and include the url of the blog you’d like to syndicate.