Structure The Perfect Interview For Hiring A Content Developer With These Questions


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Almost everyone in the development society is aware of the importance of content in every digital marketing strategy. Content, they say, is king. As important as content is, something more important is the quality of the content. Not everything you type qualifies as quality content. This is probably why your Android app development company has suggested that you hire a professional content developer to help you create high-quality content that will improve your marketing efforts. There are so many people online who offer content development services and it is may be difficult to pick the right one who understands your needs.

Interview Prepping

Before you recommend any content developer to your Android app development company, you need to make sure that you interview a few candidates. Just like with every other job opening, the person who will qualify for the position has to pass the interview. You need to be creative and unpredictable to be able to separate the good content developers from the others.

Below is a complete list of questions you should ask your prospective content developers during an interview:

1. If I Hire You, How Would You Start?

The first question you should ask the prospective content developer is how they intend to kick off the project. If the individual says that listening to you and learning as much as possible about your Android app development company is the first and most important part of the project, then you can proceed to the next question. If the prospective content developer tells you that writing is the first step to developing content, you should look forward to interviewing the next candidate.

2. Which Blogs Do You Follow And What Are Your Best Books?

You need a content developer who is current and committed to improving his or her skills. A content developer who follows blogs about content creation is a good pick. Their list of blogs should be content-focused. If the writer is more interested in entertainment blogs than blogs that can boost content writing creativity, then you should move on to the next candidate. Also, reading books is another good quality of a content writer. They prefer business books, marketing books, motivational books, and any book that helps build them up as individuals and content developers. If the candidate doesn’t read at all or reads only comic books, you should move on.

3. Do You Belong To Any Professional Organization?

Content development is a type of business and just like with other business types, a content developer needs to consider the business worthy of investment. A good way to invest in yourself as a content developer is joining professional organizations that keep you informed and sharpen your skills. These professional organizations allow seasoned writers to interact and share their ideas with each other. If your candidate belongs to at least one professional organization and pays dues annually, that’s a good sign. If the candidate doesn’t belong to any organization, it means he or she isn’t ready to invest in his or her skills. So, why should you?

4. What’s The Difference Between A Copy And Content?

Your candidate may have passed all the other questions but this is where it gets tricky. A copy isn’t the same as content. While content is mainly informative, a copy is typically sales-oriented. A good content writer should know the difference between both terms. If the content developer you want to employ for your Android app development company doesn’t know the difference between content and copy, you should move on to the next candidate.

5. What Optimization Techniques Do You Employ?

Everyone knows that content is important but content without views is as bad as no content at all. Your candidate should be able to perform keyword research and use keywords and key phrases to optimize your content for search engines. They should know the difference between black and white hat SEO and they should know other methods of content optimization. If the candidate doesn’t know what optimization is or the candidate tells you that they don’t optimize content, don’t pay for their services.

6. What’s The Difference Between They’re, There and Their?

You might be wondering why this question matters but the truth is the answer to a simple question like this will help you determine if the candidate is efficient in English grammar. Remember that the quality of the grammar also plays a role in the overall quality of the content. So, if the writer can explain the difference confidently, he or she may be a good fit. Otherwise, you may need to look for someone else.

7. What’s Your Preferred Style Guide?

Every good writer has a preferred style guide. The best content developers use either the Chicago Manual or the Associated Press for crafting their content. It’s important that you choose a writer who follows a professional style guide. If the writer has no idea what you’re talking about, then you should move on to the next candidate.

8. What Is Your Preferred Operating System?

Yes, this matters a great deal especially when the writers will be working in the physical location of the Android app development company. The writer should be able to work with different operating systems, not just one. If the position is a remote position, this may not be too important. Otherwise, make sure the writer can work with more than one OS and one of those should be the one you use in your Android app development company.

9. How Do You Proofread?

Proofreading is as important as writing itself. In this modern world, proofreading involves more than just going through the content over and over again. A writer who has a combination of processes used to confirm that the work is suitable for publishing should be your first choice. For example, the writer can use a listening software to listen to the work and take note of errors after reading. The writer can also use a premium grammar checking tool to verify that there are no grammar errors before submitting. However, a writer who depends solely on grammar tools is not a good pick. The best writers depend more on their ability than on any software.

These are the best nine questions you should ask your candidates when they are being interviewed to fill the position of content writers in your Android app development company.


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