Steps To Scaling Your Business From Good To Fantastic


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Definition Of Business Growth

What does one mean when they suggest business growth? Most believe that business growth predominantly has to do with company income or the notion of aspiring to become the world’s “next big thing” such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and more. This definition, though partially true, would need more in-depth explanation and thorough understanding in order to completely grasp the concept of true business growth. The growth of a company is the development and expansion of a company as a whole. The development and expansion can be applied to the competencies and capabilities within an organization, the enhancement on cultural systems, an increase in interpersonal skills and values. The development of a more systemized and structured organization also brings growth to a company. The perception and choices made by consumers is also a great aspect to consider when dealing with the evolution of an establishment. Consequently, we can observe that simply assessing the increase or decrease of a company’s income would be viewing the company two-dimensionally which would not bring forth any improvement. An example to this would be a business owner that has been running a business for a few years and has reached a 40k gross profit income for the year which places him in a state of satisfaction and security. It would be unwise for him/her to remain in this state without considering other aspects of growth within the company as his/her focus would geared towards one aspect only: income, when there are other factors to consider.

What To Take Into Consideration

A lot must be considered when deciding to grow a company. It can be very time consuming and tedious as one must search into old files and records in order to retrieve certain information that would be pertinent to past and previous activities within the company. Depending on the situation, at times financial consideration would come into play as well, as a business owner would have to pay certain amounts to gain certain information. There is also a risk being taken as the attempt to the expansion would may not yield any fruits, meaning that the money spent towards an expansion would have been spent in vain.

Certain companies will hire an SEO firm to help attract new customers who are searching on the search engine. Interestingly enough, there has been a surge of businesses who use orm services instead of SEO services since they are well aware that in a generation where practically everything has flown from brick-and-mortars to the digital world, the most experienced agencies are those who use SEO as their backbone to serve entities’ reputational issues.

Before considering a business, growth there must be a strong sense of stability within the organization in terms of structure, productivity and service. An establishment must not attempt to enhance productivity and services within a company if the company is currently struggling to pull through. Extensive research must be conducted before reaching such a decision. The market is a continually moving place and a company must strive to stay up to date with current trends.

Steps To Take

The first step to developing an established business would be to first analyze the state of the company. Once a thorough analysis based on statistics and factual evidence on a company is implemented, a business owner can then get a more advanced understanding of where the company stands. A regular assessment of a company’s progress cannot be overemphasized. This assessment provides more depth in terms of the performance of the company, it provides a consistently better understanding of other market opportunities, whether the product or service is still up and current, how success is measured within the company and much more.

The core of the assessment would be to first assess the daily activities within the establishment; what is actually being done on a daily basis? How is the company actually servicing customers? What are the customers’ needs? Are the customers’ needs being met? Is there a disconnect between the company and the customers? How are costs, expenses, wages and so forth being reviewed? Multiple aspects of the business should be taken into consideration during the assessment such as the physical or virtual location of the company, the facilities and services provided by the company, the management of technology, the interpersonal and professional skills and much more.

All these steps will provide a better indication of what needs to be addressed within an organization. Thereafter a summary of the analysis can be created which will in turn shed more light on the company description and goals, the mission, and purpose. Afterwards, an explanation of the strategies and tactics that will be used will then be brought forth. An action, and budget plan will then be formed. At times it is quite difficult to come up with an action plan due to the type of industry in question. For reputation management companies, for example, there are so many action plans that can be developed to grow the company therefore a business owner must have the ability to narrow down all of the different opportunities and focus on what will bring the most benefit to the company. The implementation of the plan will then follow suit as a business owner examines his resources in order to make an informed decision as to what the company can go forward with and what they cannot. Once the plan is implemented and the growth has taken place successfully, it is very important to advise clients of the changes that have taken place. It is also imperative to perform constant analysis in order to ensure that the changes are infect operating to the advantage of the company.


With care and wisdom, a growth for a business can bring forth a lot of improvements to a company but it can also bring much loss if a broad understanding of the state of the company as well as the reason for the grown is not taken into great consideration.

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