Statistical Pictures Make for Engaging Variable Data Charts and Graphs


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Although my made-up term of “statistical pictures” may seem like an oxymoron, by using infographics you can do just that… turn data and statistics into pictures. For many people, numbers are scary. A bunch of numbers together, even scarier. And don’t even think about putting a bunch of numbers together and expecting the reader to interpret what they mean. That’s super scary.

For those businesses that need to use facts, figures, and data to prove their value to their prospective audiences, the use of infographics can be very impactful on sales. There is nothing like an intriguing picture to suck in the reader and get them to learn more.

Here’s a quick example to illustrate (literally) statistical pictures using stats from the CMO Council:

Infographic of video marketing budgets. Almost a third (30 percent) of marketers predict that video advertising will be their single biggest investment for 2011.
infographic showing rise in social media spending. In 2011, 10.8 percent of all U.S. online ad spending will go to social networks. Next year, this is expected to rise to 12.1 percent.
Infographic illustrating opinion of social media marketing results. Only 7 percent of social media marketers think social media is producing ROI and, as a result, are willing to budget liberally. While 49 percent think it is a promising tactic that will eventually produce ROI, 44 percent are much more skeptical and unwilling to invest more.

Using Personalized Charts and Graphs in Your Marketing

Download Data Driven Chart Report

For people who are visual learners, you just can’t beat a well done chart, graph or illustration to get them to engage with a piece of marketing collateral. Want to personalize your infographics? You can create customized statistical pictures by combining print automation and variable data printing to deliver personalized infographics. You can learn more by downloading this free report, Powerful Data-Driven Charts for Mail and Email Marketing at


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