Speak to Me as a Person and Don’t Read a Script


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They must recite a script written by someone that sits in an office far removed from the customer or by a development team that has never been “on the front lines” with the guest. 

They think they know better…but do they?

Too much money and resources are spent on focus groups, surveys & varying advertizements.  All that is left is a cocktail of words with no meaning, phrases that are cold, removed from any true feelings and fake.

Treat me like a person.  Don’t recite verbiage from a set of “guest interaction cards” that was just delivered last week and that your manager told you to use.  My needs are not listed on those cards.  My experience at your business is not dictated by the words on those cards.  It’s dictated by YOU.

If I am dealing with a store clerk, or manager, over any length of time, I would prefer him/her to have flexibility in how I am dealt with and be able to show some genuine interest in my business.  Deal with me as a person versus the way you are scripted by the corporate offices.
That only works on paper, not in person.


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