Six EdTech Market Trends To Consider As Schools, Colleges Reopen Ahead


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The widespread Covid, the shutdown of schools and institutions, and an overnight shift from remote to online learning have greatly affected students worldwide. With online and distance learning as the only option for educators to keep the education industry going, e-learning became a new normal in 2020. Due to the sudden changes, students, teachers, and parents faced a lot of problems from accessibility to usage. Especially for the children in remote areas, it was nearly impossible to attend online classes or continue their studies. Even teachers found it difficult to interact with the students.

As the toll of new Covid cases drops, the government considers opening schools and other educational institutes and restoring remote learning. The EdTech sector gained great momentum last year due to the lockdown. But now the real question is, for how long would it continue to grow? With the government and schools planning to re-open educational institutes and go back to remote learning, educational app development company may experience a major downfall in the market. Will they be able to overcome this downfall? Can they gain the momentum as much as they gained during the lockdown?

A lot of you want to know the answer. But e-learning platforms can only continue to grow after the unlock starts if they start preparing for the consequences now. That is why we have sorted out 6 EdTech market trends that can change the global educational landscape:

Considerable EdTech Market Trends

1.Personalized Content Learning

Personalized learning is something we can not achieve in the offline mode of learning but with the growth of the educational platform development, it has become more feasible in the past year. As e-learning platforms continue to grow, the dream of customized individual education seems to come true.

Student App Developers can work on their content and personalize learning for every student. It will advance the educational and technological approach towards each student individually.

With ever-increasing technology, it has become easy to diagnose student’s ability through various tests and online assessments using educational mobile apps. It will help e-learning platforms design personalized learning paths for each student targeting their strong and weak areas separately.

2.Reasonable Prices Of Products

Pandemic has severely affected all sectors economically as well. Various industries have shut down due to which a lot of people lost their jobs. During this economic breakdown, parents and educators may not be able to invest in expensive learning sources.

It is now a peak time for educational app companies as schools may reopen soon. E-learning platforms need to provide their best products at reasonable prices to draw more customers. Right now, it’s not just about how great your product is but how reasonable its prices are.

While comparing products, customers consider buying the best quality products at the least possible prices. So setting a reasonable price for your products and mobile apps related to education may help you gain momentum in the business.

3.Opportunity for B2B And B2C Marketing

The re-opening of schools can also affect EdTech companies positively. Completely offline or online modes of learning may not be able to provide students with the quality of learning they require. So, combining both may be the best option.

It a great opportunity for educational app makers and offline institutes to collaborate and promote their B2B and B2C businesses. A mixer of remote learning with a tincture of technology will help the students explore their creativity and talents effectively.

Institutes can also consider installing hi-tech educational application software in their classrooms for better and interactive learning.

4.Interactive Learning Through AR/VR Technology

Online learning has subtracted the fun of campus life, due to which the gap between the students and teachers has widened. The kid who used to speak less now doesn’t speak up at all. The sudden shift from offline to online mode made learning less interactive not only for students but for teachers as well. Teachers find it difficult to converse or interact with students in an online mode.

AR/VR technology has successfully bridged this gap between the digital and physical worlds. It helps people interact and take information virtually the same as we take in the actual world. It can benefit mobile app development company and help EdTech companies increase their business.

5.Focusing On Areas Other Than Academics

Due to the lockdown, kids are deprived of sports and other extra-curricular activities that act as a barrier to their overall development. Most educational application development companies focus on the academics part only. But they miss out on one important fact the overall development of a child does not only depend upon academics.

Introducing virtual educational games may help kids learn in a more fun way also help them enhance their other skills. Virtual Games or activities that may also require some physical workout may help them keep their bodies fit and healthier. Such activities may include virtual dancing or Zumba sessions, online multi-player riddle games, exercise sessions, and much more.

6.Easy Navigation

The biggest problem faced by the students, teachers, and parents during the online sessions was navigation. Especially, the one’s who never used tech devices before experienced a lot of problems while taking online classes. Some apps or educational sites may contain great educational plans but due to lack of ease of access people preferred other sources.
So, mobile learning app development companies need to make sure that their product is user-friendly and easy to access before selling them to their customers.


Re-opening of schools and institutes may not just affect EdTech companies negatively but can have a positive impact too. E-learning platforms may experience a downfall at the beginning but the aforementioned trends in the EdTech market may help them grow higher in the long run.

We as humans are thinking out of the box and trying to learn when the platforms are made easily accessible to us, and that’s what is the essence of the changing times. The changing times demand changing approaches towards the problems, and these methods and trends are eventually helping us overcome the shortcomings of the education system in the present scenario.

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.


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