Siebel: A Good Career Direction?


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Carol Smalley
Managing Editor, CRMGuru

Posted 25-Nov-2003 05:55 AM
Posted by Carol Smalley (Editor) on behalf of Pra Sad [[email protected]]

Hi to all. I am planning to learn Siebel.
Please help me to decide whether it is good decession or not. How is the job rating for Siebel and what kind of jobs can I get? And how much can I earn as a beginner in any company? Please clear my doubts.


Carol Parenzan Smalley
Managing Editor
[email protected]

David Oz
Picture of David Oz

Posted 04-Dec-2003 09:55 AM
The Siebel CRM market is saturated. It’s supply and demand to be sure. Too many offshore firms have seized the opportunities available.

Just as with SAP and other hot products, time has thrown a lot of skills toward this product suite. At one time the rates were quite attractive and now they are not. In the US, you could get $40 per hour (about 1,822 rupies). So, depending on your personal situation, you may wish to look at other options. Or, the many offshore firms should have many options they could present to you.

Opportunities could go from integration at one end of the spectrum, to full blown business analyst for a specific vertical market and everything in between from CTI to analytics!


Edwin Setzpfand
Member Council

Posted 10-Dec-2003 05:42 AM

As a beginner you might find it difficult to find a company that is willing to invest in you for these Siebel trainings, especially in a market as described by David. Kind of “chicken and egg” problem.

On the other hand, once you’ve acquired a certain level of expertise, you might very well find interesting and well-paying jobs.

For instance, for those who are familiar with Actuate Report, a 3rd party tool used with Siebel, there are lots of vacancies in the US (just try with Google). And at least one in Mumbai. But that’s a specialist job.

I don’t know if you are considering to move to another country, but the best thing to do in your case maybe is to explore the possibilities in the regions of interest. Check job vacancies, training opportunities and consult those already working in that area & field.

From your posting it is not clear what you mean with “beginner”. If you have no previous training and experience as a programmer or (business) analyst, there still is a lot to learn. Furthermore, don’t put all your eggs in one basket as there are many more areas of interest in application of IT (for CRM or other).



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Rajesh Kumar

Posted 24-Dec-2003 03:29 AM
Dear Friend,
nice 2 hear ur words abt siebel tool, i am also a Fresh Graduate and starting my carrer in siebel, do guide me abt how to approach the subjects,,

thanks & regards,

Edwin Setzpfand
Member Council

Posted 27-Dec-2003 04:44 AM

If you really mean “Siebel Tools” I think the only way is to take one of the appropriate Siebel courses, like Siebel Essentials 7.5/7.0 or Core Consultant Course 7.5/7.0; the best thing would be to consult the Siebel representative of your company.

Siebel University


January 12, 2010
Hello all, I am interested

Hello all, I am interested in doing a Siebel 8 installation and configuration course. Please suggest if its got good scope in job market and if its a right step towards a new career in Siebel.

August 20, 2011
Siebel query

Hello All, I have recently got move to Siebel CRM support position in my own company, I have no prior experience in Siebel, I would like to know how is the future market of siebel, I this a good move for me. I am looking my next job in US or UK, can Siebel will give me a change to move in these countries with good pay package.

please help.

April 9, 2013
Siebel cerca 2013

I have worked with the Siebel CRM suite at a number of companies 16+ over the las 13/14 years and have seen it from the beginning while an employee of Siebel to the present 2013 where it has been absorbed into Oracle.

Despite Larry’s best efforts the product still offers real value. However, the strategy from Oracle is to push new technology, cloud, rightnow, and to disassemble the Siebel product and sell or cannabilize parts for new product offerings. For example, I hear the Service Request is not part of Siebel fusion. This has been provided by RightNow, a different Oracle acquisition.

The new version of Siebel “Open UI” is a small step in the right direction in that it offers browser compatibility and finally after a decade frees up the dependency on Microsoft Internet Explorer. Note that while Open UI claims browser independence, it does not work with IE10.

The development effort put into this product since Oracle bought Siebel is too little too late. It has become quite technically difficult to install (meaning you can’t just download and install) while offering no value proposition to the customer. The era of ‘technical only’ upgrades is over, it has to be.

Larry’s goal seems to be to convert the app to a java based application, surrounded by thousands of cheap java programmers. In this regard he has succeeded.

I read that recently Oracle has hired 4000 sales consultants. Rather they should have hired real software developers to take the product(s) to their next logical level.

Thanks for reading.


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