Seven biggest mistakes companies make with social media (Vaynerchuk style)


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Gary Vaynerchuk‘s communication style is infectious. Read his books, watch his podcasts, or see him in person and you get the real deal – passionate, opinionated, but usually spot on.

His latest, The Thank You Economy, is worth the fast read. My copy is dog-eared throughout. In the back, in what he calls “Sawdust”, Gary lists among other things his take on the seven biggest mistakes companies make with social media. Wanted to share them here:

  1. Using tactics instead of strategy
  2. Using it exclusively to put out fires
  3. Using it to brag
  4. Using it as a press release
  5. Exclusively re-tweeting other people’s material rather than creating your own original content
  6. Using it to push product
  7. Expecting immediate results.

Worth picking up the book to read the rest.


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