Service Design through the Eyes of a Design Thinker


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My podcast guest was Arne van Oosterom, Partner at DesignThinkers in Amsterdam. DesignThinkers is a Strategic Design agency that specializes in social innovations, service innovations, customer centered design, marketing 2.0 and branding. They provide a bridge between business opportunities and creative solutions.

The podcast typifies what I enjoy about Service Design and the people surrounding it. They view the methodology as a constantly evolving process. There are no linear thinkers in this crowd, so much in fact it may even be called circular reasoning.

Service Design does not even assume it will find the best answer, you may want to call it the most compatible answer. They assume the answers are found through collaboration and co-creation and seem to value the journey even more so than the outcome.

Arne provides his own interesting perspective in the podcast.

Download Podcast: Click and choose options: DesignThinkers or go to the Business901 iTunes Store.

About Arne van Oosterom: Arne is a Designer in Residence at the Oslo School for Architecture and Design & Norwegian Center for Service Innovation, Founder of the Design Thinkers Network, Co-Founder of the Service Design Network Netherlands, Catalyst at WENOVSKI and Founder of the Healthcare Initiative CareToDesign and Keynote Speaker at various International Universities and Conferences.


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