Self-service – Why is it necessary for your business?


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Technologies are getting improved day by day. With that, customer expectations are also increasing. Organizations are continuously updating their software with the best technologies because customer satisfaction is the top priority for them.

Companies are adopting new methods that help boost customer experience. Self-service is one of them. This new system has gradually become the new normal. Customers prefer self-service rather than interacting with customer agents. Self-service is where the customer serves themselves with their needs given all the necessary tools by the company. It is observed that with the correct deployment of self-service, customer satisfaction has increased significantly.
Let’s dive into some key facts about why self-service is important for your business.

Saves time

Getting in touch with a customer service agent and interacting with them until their queries get resolved might make the customers feel that it’s taking a lot of their valuable time. Deploying self-service can solve this problem.

Providing the customers with all the essential tools to resolve their queries on their own, they will not feel that a lot of their time is getting spent on this. They know their query precisely, they find the most relevant solution quickly, and hence, their time is saved.

Empowers customers

Customers solving their queries without any other person’s assistance sounds like empowerment. With the deployment of self-service, customers do not have to explain their issues to the customer agents and wait in the queue to get their queries resolved. They simply find their solutions only with a few clicks. This makes the customers feel empowered and also helps in improving customer satisfaction.

Fewer complaints

Resolving queries over the call can often create some troubles such as not being able to understand the customer’s problem, making them wait longer, or not being able to provide them with the correct solution. These complications can be avoided by deploying self-service.

Customers resolving their queries with self-service find the exact solution to their queries they were looking for, given all the essential tools. This implies that fewer errors would be found and fewer complaints will be lodged by the customers.

User-friendly with the assistance of knowledge management

With the assistance of knowledge management software, the correct deployment of self-service can be made easy. Knowledge management tools like chatbots, FAQs, augmented reality, knowledge base, Decision trees, etc., help in making the self-service system simple, user-friendly, and easy to use. Customer satisfaction is increased as the customers find their solutions easily.

Relevant solutions

There might be some cases where the customers are not being able to clearly explain their issue to customer agents. Here they end up getting answers that might not be relevant to their queries. These situations can be prevented with the help of self-service.

Customers can understand the problem they are facing more accurately than anyone else thus, they can more easily find its solutions with the help of self-service. With the proper use of self-service, customers will be able to find the most relevant solution to their problem and will be more satisfied.

More customer satisfaction

As discussed all the benefits provided to the customer by the self-service software such as saving their valuable time, giving the customers a feeling of empowerment, giving them no chance to complain against the services provided, user-friendly self-service software, and quickly providing them with the most relevant solution, it is clear that the customer satisfaction will get boosted up.
The better the customer satisfaction would be, the more would be customer retainment, a crucial point for the company’s betterment.

Reduced ticket resolution time

The support query tickets are another major aspect of customer support. Customers are more willing to get their answers without interacting with any person if not required. This can be made possible with the implementation of self-service.

Interacting with a customer agent might take more time as compared to when customers solve their queries through self-service because they have to wait in the queue or stay on hold while agents gather some needed information. These can be prevented with self-service. The customers quickly find the most relevant solutions. Thus, reducing the ticket resolution time.

Customer agents are only left with complex queries

Customers often have some common and repeated queries and asking these questions over the call with a customer agent takes so much of their time. This problem can also be solved with the deployment of self-service software.

All the common and repeated queries can be resolved by the customers with the self-service software. This means that the customer agents do not have to spend their time on these queries. Thus, they are only left with complex queries that would require customer agent assistance.

Better work efficiency

Self-service is assisting the customers in solving their queries on their own. With this, the customer agents are only left with complex queries that require their assistance. They do not have to repeatedly answer the same questions.

This helps boost their work efficiency. Work is done more efficiently, more customers would get their issue resolved quickly, and thus, would get the feeling of satisfaction, increasing the company’s customer satisfaction (CSAT). Better work efficiency would also help in increasing the first-call resolution (FCR) rate.

Reduced OPEX

As already discussed, self-service provides the company with several key benefits including the common and repeated queries getting resolved. This means that the company does not have to depend much on the customer agents team. They only have to resolve complex customer queries.

Thus, lesser dependency on the customer agents team would lower the expenses on them, reducing the company’s OPEX or operating expenses.

Avail 24*7 support to customers

With the implementation of customer self service software, customers will not have to wait till the morning to get their issues resolved or wait in the queue or stay on hold while the agents gather required documents. Companies can provide 24*7 support to their customers and help them in resolving their queries without any waits or complications.


Summing it all up, it can be understood that self-service has many key benefits for the customers as well as for the companies. A happy customer would stick to the company for its good services.

Pratik Salia
Customer experience professional across industries such as e-commerce hyperlocal logistics and telecom. I headed the CX function for a Google-backed startup. I currently manage product at Knowmax, deployed in enterprises across 30+ countries in industries such as telecom, banking, e-commerce and more.


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