Sales Leaders’ Priorities for 2012 – Survey Results


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The Alexander Group does an annual survey of sales leaders’ growth plans + tactics in conjunction with its Chief Sales Executives Forum. Amongst their findings for 2012:

  • Sales leaders expect their firms’ growth to outpace economic growth in 2012
  • They also expect growth goals to be harder to achieve than last year
  • Hi growth firms are investing to enrich their sales processes
  • They expect growth to occur via customer focused value selling.
  • They’re not leaving these tactics to chance. They’re investing in sales tools
    that deliver more buyer value via better problem solving expertise on the front-lines of sales
  • Hi growth firms are almost 2x as likely to be investing in sales
  • There’s an expectation of sales productivity gains. Budget + headcount growth trails revenue growth goals.
  • For hi growth firms, new business acquisition is the key tactic to achieving growth goals (see chart below)

SOURCE: Alexander Group, 2012 Sales Pulse Survey Results


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