Reasons Why Your E-commerce Project Needs an App?


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Reasons Why Your E-commerce Project Needs an App?
In the fast-growing business world, e-commerce mobile app development benefits both retailers and consumers. In the first phase, it is an opportunity to expand the business to global markets while spending a much lower budget than an offline business. For the average user, eCommerce simplifies the entire purchasing process and assures them of the opportunity to compare products and services and their prices and make global decisions without the status quo.

The thriving eCommerce industry poses many challenges and strengthens competition among existing players. It is not easy to deal with these challenges and changing customer expectations, especially for new players. In that case, startups and small eCommerce stores are at risk. There, eCommerce mobile apps offer help. They can change the way you communicate with your customers.

Let us look at some reports showing the current and prospects of e-commerce mobile app development.

• In 2015, App Annie reported that the mobile app industry generated $ 41.1 billion in revenue annually and that this figure would rise to $ 50.9 billion. Total annual revenue increased to $ 189 billion by 2020, according to

• Custom apps, such as launchers, thumbnails, wallpapers, screen locks, and other device customization apps, surpassed the list, with a staggering 332% increase in session usage. The mobile phone types of newspapers and magazines have reached second place, growing by 135%.

Market trends indicate that the market will continue to increase revenue in the coming future. Therefore, it is clear that the most talked-about trend of e-commerce mobile app development is just beginning. Today, iOS and Android are the best mobile apps, and tech giants Apple and Google own the largest mobile app stores.

Mobile app for your e-commerce business – Benefits explained

• Customers prefer mobile apps to websites.

The preference of customers for mobile apps over websites is not surprising. Ecommerce apps are straightforward to use when shopping, especially if you do not make a single visit to an online store. First, no need to remember the URL and login to access the store. The programs also offer better security and speed than the mobile browser.

• Decreased response time.

What worries any internet user is how fast a website or app can. The time required for a mobile application to complete an action is much shorter than for a website because the applications store their data slightly on the mobile device. Although applications connect to servers as do websites, there are ten times more data transferred between a server and a mobile app than between a server and a browser. As a result, applications retrieve data very quickly.

• 24/7 customer accessibility.

Knowing consumers are attached to their Smartphones, your business’s mobile application is the only way to be face-to-face with the customer and maintain communication. Once your customer has installed your app from the market, you win half the battle with his purchase. You can also add a chatbox to your app and enjoy your customer communication automation.

• Boost usability using Native apps.

Creating an eCommerce mobile app for all the platform guides will improve the user experience accordingly. Based on App Solutions’ experience, native eCommerce apps help cut about 2-3 steps before purchase. The app, compared to the mobile version website, allows you to have high visibility, animation, and good navigation.

• Helps in collecting customer data.

Your online business mobile app helps collect and analyze user data to understand user preferences and purchase practices. And with the app, you can notify the user of the latest news based on their interests. In partnership with our partners Softcube, App Solutions provides a highly sophisticated service that includes site content analysis, user behavior, and merchant business concept. This technology increases conversions by up to 7-12% from the same traffic.

• Enhance purchase using built-in features

When it comes to developing the eCommerce mobile app, our engineers offer native upgrades for both iOS and Android apps, which means there is a custom app for everything. This method ensures better performance and access to all built-in features of the device such as GPS, Calendar, Microphone, Camera, etc. Such features help provide the most advanced communication and enjoyable experience while using your app. For example, you can use a calendar to set a sales date directly on a user’s smartphone or use access to the appropriate measurement camera.

• Maximizing reach through social media.

In your eCommerce mobile app, you can link all of your business’s communication resources and bring them across customer contact. Also, users are mostly listening to updates from their friends, and social sharing works for your business much better than a store assistant.

• Easy and safe payment

Our mobile app development company, eCommerce, recommends all customers use the built-in secure payment options. No doubt, it is much easier for a user to keep all the account details in the app than for them to fill out the form over and over again. And only mobile apps can provide the right level of information security. Another way to protect your user’s credit card numbers and other information is to use Touch ID Technology.

• Helps in customer generation and retention.

Offline stores have nothing to do with the client during a double visit to the store, but your opportunities are limitless with your online shopping business app. You can increase the purchase of beats with notices provided for special events or reminders and the integration of repair equipment.

The value of e-commerce mobile app development is increasing daily. With the advancement of technology, purchasing a mobile app becomes simpler, faster, safer, and able to give a new feeling to the user. Even if you don’t rely on the mobile app as a major marketing channel, it can be an essential part of your marketing strategy and increase conversions on other channels. Recent research shows that users are more loyal to the product they are talking about through a mobile app than to a website from a mobile device. That means your eCommerce mobile app users will show loyalty and trust that you can chat in a high-quality ARPU compared to a website.


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