Reasons Why Video Marketing Has Become a Powerful Tool for Business Growth


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So, the era has changed a lot and people are migrating to visual content for learning and understanding. If facts are believed, YouTube alone has about 1 billion users which are about one-third of the global population. This depicts how videos are getting popular with the passage of time.

Every day, nearly 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube.

To get maximum reach among your audience, you require professional video editing service that actually connected with your viewers. But some of the business owners still can’t find a valid reason for using video marketing in their business strategy. So, here are some advantages so of using video marketing that you should definitely consider for your business growth.

Boost Website SEO: For some of you, it might seem weird, but according to the research of ComScore, inclusion of Video in your website increases its chances of getting higher rankings by 53 percent. But here the important factor is to optimize your video as per the Web page and the content associated with it. You can learn SEO of Video from online resources.

Increase User-Engagement: The biggest problem that most of the business faces is lack of user-engagement that affects their ranking. As compared to text content, the video content is more liked and shared by the viewers. According to the statistics, a video content is shared about 1200 percent more than the traditional text content. The video marketing even helps you increase the session duration of your users that provides you enough opportunities to showcase your products/services.

High-end Information for Increased Conversion: A user is always in the state of a dilemma until someone guides him. A video is one of the best sources to guide your users and change offers your products/services as a resultant. The inclusion of video marketing along with landing page optimization has seen an increase in conversion rate by about 80 percent.

Video Provides High ROI: In terms of comparing video with other marketing tools, the videos provide you high Return on Investment. The major reason behind its high conversion rate and increased ROI is its potential to explain almost everything in a visual format that is highly loved by the buyers/users. The explainer videos are even more recommended by the people, that increases high Return on Investment.

Builds Trust on Brand: There are numerous ideas to use video marketing to promote your brand. The use of videos helps you grow customer trust on your products/services. The video reviews made by common people built positive impact on others and builds trust. This is what makes your brand popular and increase its customer base.

Final Thoughts: You can’t deny the fact that content is still ruling the market. But the type of content has become versatile. The need for rich content is the need of the hour. And hence visual content in the form of graphics and videos is in high demand. So, if you are looking for business promotion tactics, consider video marketing and promote your business.


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