Reasons Why Businesses Need Penetration Testing Services


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Nowadays, security breaches are dominating all over the media headlines which have put numerous businesses at risk. Due to the increase in complex security issues, malicious hackers are coming up with more sophisticated forms of attacks each day. Just because your business has an anti-virus software does not mean that your business is 100% secure. With the advancements in technology, the way malicious hackers operate is also changing. Thus, organizations need to hire a reliable penetration testing company that comes up with effective defense mechanisms and strategies.

In order to test if a hacker can gain unauthorized access to a business, professional testing services are a must. Following are a few reasons why businesses need penetration testing:

Remove System Vulnerabilities Before Unethical Hackers

A detective knows how to think like a burglar. Similarly, penetration testing experts know how hackers think and act. The best way is to conduct a security check on your own software app to analyze how it can be hacked. With the help of penetration testing, you can test a system’s resistance to any external hacking attempts. It replicates the actions of a hacker by trying to exploit any issues in the system caused by code errors, software bugs, or other operational weaknesses.

The major difference between a pen test and a real hacking experience rests in a controlled and safe manner. It simulates a real attack scenario and exposes all vulnerabilities to showcase any potential harm of a malicious attack. Also, the company can pre-define its scope and timing of a pen test and how it informs about an expected attack. Thus, organizations carry out penetration testing right after the deployment of new infrastructure. It helps them in identifying and validating potential security issues in the IT systems before hackers can make an attempt to target new products in the market.

Developing Efficient Security Measures

The results of penetration tests are important to assess the current security levels of any IT system. They help in providing the senior management of an organization about the system’s functioning and performance. Penetration testers provide a list of recommendations for their timely remediation that helps organizations develop a reliable and safe information security system while prioritizing the future cybersecurity investments.

Ensure Compliance with Security Standards and Regulations

There are no doubts about how important penetration testing is with respect to protecting a business and its valuable assets from potential intruders. However, the benefits of a pentest cover all the network and data security concerns of any business. For instance, according to the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security) standard requires organizations handling large volumes of transactions are supposed to conduct both annual and regular penetration testing. Also, the detailed reports from pen-tests can help organizations in enhancing their security controls and ensuring security for all crucial business information.

Thus, we can conclude that penetration testing is important for all organizations. Whether it is a medium-sized business or a huge enterprise, we cannot deny the importance of pen-tests.


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