Reasons To Use Video Marketing For Business


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Not so long ago, it was enough to fill a site with high-quality text content to promote it to the top positions it but the internet is evolving. Users not only want to read about the product, presenting it in imagination, but they also want to see it to know how it is used. Therefore, today videos have become one of the most effective marketing tools.

Video marketing is a set of techniques, approaches, and activities aimed at promoting goods, services or brand through video. Direct advertising, company or product review, video clip, video blog, video business – all these are video marketing variants that allow stimulating consumer demand.

Video marketing can be used by companies in all fields of activity. Do you have a beauty salon? Then create a video which talks about the new technology of hair extensions. Do you own an online hardware store? Then you can make a video review for every product so that it is easier for visitors to make a choice. Do you have an industrial enterprise? Then the tour guide on the shops and technological lines will work for your reputation.

There are really many uses for video and each case requires an individual approach but the main thing is the realization that the video is necessary for your business.

We offer you some reasons to make video marketing part of the complex business promotion on the Internet.

1. Increase conversion

The site may have good educational texts but not all visitors will read about what services the company offers or what product it sells. First, not everyone can read the information well and quickly (especially if the products described are not familiar to the visitor). Secondly, not everyone will spend their time reading a long text.

You cannot rely on a high conversion if users do not understand what you offer at a glance. According to Hubspot, almost 50% of Internet users watch videos related to a product or service before visiting a store, and 53% are more loyal to companies that provide instructional videos.

Depending on the specifics of the company, it can use:

• promo videos – they will help you tell visitors about how and what problems can be solved in a few minutes;
• video reviews – nothing affects the target audience as much as the feedback from grateful buyers. Therefore, a convincing video in which customers share positive impressions of cooperation with your company can increase the demand for the offered goods or services;
• video sessions – you can talk about the value of your product or how your company helped solve a client’s problem. All this contributes to increasing the level of trust from the target audience and the formation of competitive advantages;
• training videos – you can demonstrate how the company wants to be useful to its customers. For example, a site offering tailoring services can make a video about how to choose fabric for sewing coats, how to quickly and inexpensively sew trousers, etc.

Only the interested visitor will continue further acquaintance with the resource. Videos serve as a kind of attention anchors, allowing users to keep them and then transform the users into real customers.

2. Increase traffic

Proper use of social networks and video hosting offers opportunities for business owners. With their help, you can significantly increase traffic on the site. For example, you can increase the traffic of the online store of mobile equipment by posting product reviews on your YouTube channel. And if you have a furniture salon, you can do reviews about furniture repair yourself, the features of its selection and care. Thus, you reach a wider target audience.

3. Formation of trust relationships with customers

Video has a greater impact on a person than textual information. This is because the organs of sight and hearing are simultaneously involved. That is why you can form a trusting relationship with your target audience using video marketing. And you can achieve your goals if you:

• share tips, knowledge, and recommendations with the viewer – in this case, you become not just a seller but an expert in your field, an authority that inspires confidence;
• make presentations and video reviews of new products and services and answer questions. This method is suitable for owners of online stores and offline businesses; allows you to briefly talk about all the benefits of the product, to describe its characteristics;
• teach people how to use products and services – such video tutorials will not only unlock the potential of the product offered but also reduce the burden on technical support and customer service;
• show customer feedback – you can post true customer testimonials that have already used your services or products on your YouTube channel.

All these methods allow you to increase customer loyalty and awareness of your brand, so they can be used both individually and in combination.

4. Increase the visibility of the site in search engines

If you place a video on YouTube and make a description with the entry of keywords, visitors will see your videos and brand if they search using the same or similar keywords. In addition, the presence of a unique video on a site is a positive ranking factor which increases the chances of webpages to appear at the top.

5. Increase in the number of regular customers

The variety of content on a site increases its importance in the eyes of users and they willingly register, subscribe to news, mailings, join communities, etc. That is, they become loyal users who are ready to return again and again. Do not forget to meet with top web development companies for your web projects.


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