Reasons For Using A CRM Tool For Increasing Sales (Especially During This Pandemic)


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Sales reps all across the globe are always working day and night to maintain their contacts, keep up with their set quotas, and make entries of the tasks they are performing to achieve their sales throughout the day.

Nevertheless, all these manual tasks keep the sales reps from doing what they actually need to do.
Guess what- it is selling!

Now as one of the most popular vendors of sales CRM software platforms in the Salesforce Alternative CRM marketplace we have found that even after implementation of an easy to use CRM software, the majority of the sales reps fail to completely adapt to the software as they feel inclined to assume that a CRM adds more workload on their already stressed and hectic daily schedule.

Now while you must consider all the important factors while choosing a sales CRM solution for your business, it is also equally important to consider and evaluate the benefits that this business growth technology will bring to your company and to your sales force.

Hence, in this article we wish to list down a key few reasons as to why your sales reps must use a sales CRM tool, more so for boosting revenue during this long-lasting and still-continuing COVID-19 pandemic:

Streamlines marketing and sales
CRM is such a smart system that it leaves practically zero chances of any leads falling through the crack.

This is because, firstly CRM is a tool that can be easily integrated with the contact form, and secondly, using automation in a CRM every data filled up in the contact forms can be used for creating contacts automatically in the CRM database.

Now once these contacts are collected a CRM can also further assign them to any salesperson automatically by using AI-driven workflow automation integrated inside the tool.

Hence once the valuable leads are generated and assigned to the sales teams, sales CRM reduces the turnaround time needed for follow up on those leads by reminding the salespersons and thus streamlines the actions of the marketing and sales teams which can allow them to work in tandem towards achieving the same organizational short and long-term goals.

Keeps your salespersons free from busy-work

One of the most important things for any business is to keep the customers happy at all times. Nevertheless, it is equally important for businesses to maintain the satisfaction level of their sales reps- who are the main driving force that brings in the customers.

Sales CRM software is a platform that can easily gather the data regarding leads and keep the information updated using profile enrichment integration tools, which can save the sales teams from continuously tracking each contact and updating their information manually.

Moreover, CRM for sales keeps the sales reps up-to-date about their own sales activities with timely whistles and notifications that can help the sales reps to remain well-informed about their daily chores.

Most CRM tools also permit the reps to take notes right inside the CRM system itself and save it in the contact’s timeline.
Hence when in business you are able to keep the busy workouts off the sales reps schedule, it is no rocket science that they will do their jobs better effortlessly.

Provides cost-efficiency

Most CRM tools are today cloud-based software.

Now the best part about these business growth technology solutions is that they do not require big monetary investments on hardware and for employing special IT staff.

Moreover, cloud-based sales CRM software solutions also have lesser downtime and so once it is installed it does not take much time to get it working.

Boosts your teams’ internal communication

The biggest focus of any business is to find a way for maintaining clear and constant communication with their customers and prospects. And sales CRM is a tool that does that job immaculately.

Additionally, it is equally important for businesses that their internal departments are also on the same page, which can help boost the internal trust of co-workers and thus help create a united workforce working for a common goal towards business growth.

Most CRM tools provide shared team inboxes, where email communications from the prospects and customers can be assigned and also shared with multiple members from various departments within the company.

This feature in a sales CRM enhances shared visibility across all the departments in an organization that can help in taking quick resolutions to resolve the customer’s pain-points and issues.

Create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Any CRM software stores collect and stores a gigantic database of prospects and customer information inside the system. These data can be made useful for understanding the behaviors, service preferences, and buying patterns of the customers, based on which sales reps can approach their contacts in the CRM database with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Now, when sales reps approach the customers with such opportunities, it creates a positive image in the mind of the consumers and highlights the message that your brand values customer-business relationships.

Help improve reporting

Your sales reps are bound to make mistakes as they are not machines. In fact, the number of works that they have to carry out within the working hours of the day means they have less time and opportunity to take care of the mistakes they are making since all they can see is the target they need to achieve in any given month.

Sales CRM is a tool that has advanced reporting features that can allow sales managers and employers to track the performance of their sales teams, which can provide a better view of the time that their sales reps invested while accomplishing a particular task.

Helps improve customer service

Most modern-day CRM tools come with inbuilt features like team inbox and virtual phone systems.

Now with a built-in phone system business owners can call toll-free, local, and mobile numbers of their desired countries easily. Hence, once these numbers are assigned to multiple teams who are working in remote locations, the virtual phone system allows features like call forwarding, and call transfers for the convenience of enhancing customer service.

This is because when your team members are always available on the phone for their prospects and customers it portrays a more professional image for the company. Moreover, customers really like it when the brand they are loyal to is available to them over a phone call.

Automate daily sales activities

As has been noted even before, CRM is a tool that can take care of the everyday busy-jobs that sales reps generally have to take care of manually, which can be cumbersome at times.

Using SFA (Sales Force Automation), several repeated sales activities can be easily automated, which can as a result provide more time to sell to the sales reps of your company.

This is because, once you create a contact inside a sales CRM platform, based on the workflow automation, you can easily send a personalized introductory email to the contact.

Additionally, this email can also be tracked by the CRM system whenever the email gets opened, or the content gets downloaded or even if any link inside the email is clicked by the recipient of the email, which can be notified to the concerned sales rep working with that prospective customer.

This whole process not only removes any kind of manual labor from the workflow, but it also helps to make follow-ups quickly.

Provides a 360-degree view of the customers

Finally, manually storing contact data in a bulky ever-expanding spreadsheet is a cumbersome and tricky task.

And this really gets more hectic and painful when sales reps have to dig through a pile of information while on an extremely important sales call with their prospects.
No customer or prospect wants to wait on the phone.

Hence when you buy CRM for sales the software stores contact information of the prospects and the customers in a centralized data repository with an option of tagging the information so that they can be effortlessly searched and found when they are needed by the members of your teams.

Therefore in gist, when you have contact, deals, and company timeline available in just a few clicks, getting hands-on such important information in such short notice allows your sales reps to close deals in a faster and easier manner which results in rapid sales growth.


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