Quick and Easy Isn’t.


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The business solution you call “quick and easy” might actually be sloppy and superficial — especially from the perspective of the ones receiving your fix.

  • The Quick Part. – Any problem that can be resolved quickly might not really be a problem in the first place. They might just be conversations that need to be clarified. Perceptions that need to be enhanced.
  • The Easy Part. – The idea of an easy fix takes for granted that both you and the person being fixed have the same “problem solving” experience. If not, what you think is easy is just annoyingly vague to them.

These are important positions to be aware of.

Instead of seeing how quickly you can solve a situation and move on to the next item on your checklist, you get better results by spending the extra time to clarify what you’re doing and how it is helping the other person fix their situation.

And, by the way, words matter.

So if there is a fast and simple solution to be delivered, it is always best to deliver it in context.

Meaning specifically that the solution is “quicker and easier” than what you might have otherwise expected.

Correctly positioning what you are doing is the difference between solving a problem and just delivering a solution.

They both work. Both the customer feels better when you solve their problems, not just deliver a solution.

And, to be fair to you, creating that perception is never quick or easy.

But always worth it.


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