Put Your Heart Into It


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How often did your parents tell you that? My siblings and I always heard it when we were giving a halfhearted effort at our homework or dawdling over our least favorite chore. Work harder. Try more.

In my adult life, that saying has taken on a different meaning. As the director of our Customer Engagement strategy, my job is all about acting with heart—helping companies infuse emotional connection in their everyday business interactions. Our simple solution: Create human moments in your customer’s day.

We’ve all seen spectacular customer experiences (think of the WestJet Christmas Miracle). No doubt it generated a lot of good will and interest, but all the hard work comes with a high price tag. I contend it’s the day-to-day relationship-building that will differentiate your company from your competitors’ and impact your bottom line with increased revenue, retention and brand reputation.

In this short video I’ve shared tips about showing the people side of your business and letting your customers know you really do care about them in simple and easy ways any company can embrace. The original illustrations were drawn by one of Hallmark’s fantastically talented artists. (Did you know Hallmark has over 500 creative artists and writers on staff?) Have fun watching the video.


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