Pulse Check – 4 Emerging Call Center Trends for 2015


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As the contact center industry searches for new ways to improve efficiency while maximizing resources, it’s critical to keep a close ear to the ground for the latest in emerging trends. While not every technology or product debut will be worth integrating into your call center operation, many are worth noting. Let’s take a closer look into a few of the latest trends that have already made an impact across the industry and that experts are predicting will continue to play a role in spearheading momentum for the second half of this year.

1. Unified Communication
As the unified communications industry is on the rise – with growth expected to reach $71.81 billion by 2020, the contact center industry is certainly taking notice as more centers are shifting to cloud-based offerings. Some of the top-level benefits associated with hosted, cloud-based call center solutions include:

– Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks
– Assisting team leaders in ensuring that collaboration outpaces escalation
– Combining voice, video and other consumer-population interactions

2. Tool Consolidation
It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges facing the call center industry is the ability to streamline overall processes and toolsets. The push to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) from on-premise has been on the rise, mainly due to the fact that organizations can now manage all data and access every function needed to perform their jobs efficiently from one easy-to-use platform.

3. Mobile Growth
In today’s day and age, we live and breathe by our smartphones. It’s safe to say that mobile technology is here to stay as it’s already made such a drastic impact on how we interact on every level of our day-to-day lives, including customer support interactions.

This advancement in device-based identification and verification (ID&V) interactions is significantly contributing towards lowering call wait times and connecting callers with the right point of contact faster than ever before.

4. Gamification
Another trend paving the way among contact centers and many industries is gamification. A recent study found that 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations are leveraging gamification to transform overall business operations.

The idea behind gamification is simple – employees have a basic desire to win or to succeed, so gamification allows companies to forge a connection between individual success and meeting company goals. As a primarily data-driven concept, contact centers especially are leveraging this insight to pinpoint areas that may need improvement across overall processes and workflows. For this reason alone, many contact centers are making the transition to the SaaS model in an effort to improve agent performance and increase the ability to better service customers, all while keeping overhead costs to a minimum.

In summary, organizations are always in search of ways to do more with less and the contact center industry is no different. As new emerging technologies continue to surface, it’s critical that industry frontrunners evaluate and pick up on certain trends and best practices that lend a hand in streamlining operations and helping contribute towards overall growth.


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