Priorities Are Sometimes Like Frogs


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Have you looked up lately and wondered how the heck it got to be September? Seriously?

So why am I in the contemplative mood? Because I just realized it has been more than 60 days since I last posted to the blog. It does no seem that long, but there it is in black and white – more than 60 days.

So it reminded me of how hard it is to stay on task. I know that blogging is good for my business. I know that it is a natural extension of the writing and training that I do. I know that it is therapeutic for my soul – but somehow I have not placed it high enough on my list to actually get it done.

Question – how many things are on your list that just the same? What do you wish you had done last month (or over the summer) that you did not do? Now the tough question – what are you doing to make it a priority for this month or this week?

Here is my suggestion and what I have learned about myself. I just need to “eat the frog” first every day. Brian Tracey has a cool little book called “Eat That Frog” (see the video here:  He makes the point that if you do the tough things first, or the most important things first – if you eat the frog first every day – then the rest of the stuff will seem easy. So that is the plan – I hereby declare that I will write the blog at least three times a week. That should be just about enough frog for one week.

I am speaking about Social Media tomorrow at the Austin Contact Center Alliance national conference – so I realize that if I am going to speak about it, I need to spend some time doing it more often – so posting more Tweets and LinkedIn updates are also on the list.

So, what is your frog – and what is your plan to eat it first?


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