Please Come to Work


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The contact center is a game of seconds and the more calls per month, the more a second per call means to the contact center as it related to money and customer service levels.

We continuously hear about methods to improve schedule adherence for agents as the seconds are critical with respect to this topic. Not withstanding the need for agents to return from breaks at the right time, some centers are forced to reward agents for coming to work. Depending on the demographics of area around the contact center, this practice is a difficult one to change.

What is the largest issue (okay, the largest pain) that is felt by your contact center that is a direct result of the enticement necessary for your agents to show up?

What is something your center is able to brag about related to getting (and keeping) the chairs filled at the right times?


  1. Hi well now a days there is lots of issues not only happening also arising in contact center. hope this is the major one happening in contact center. In some contact center this is happening due to pressure and stress. so not only encouraging the agents by rewards also look over the solution to solve their problem. hope this helps the contact center agents to come to work regularly.


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