Optimizing the Customer Experience for Gen Z


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A wise business owner knows to follow their customers’ needs.

One way to follow customers is to understand customer blocks. For some time, people focused on millennials, but that is slowly changing as generation Z rises.

The following is a simple guide to help you optimize your business to better serve this generation and improve their overall experience.

Online Presence

Just like millennials, this generation has grown up on the internet. It is something they are used to doing. This means a business that wants to connect with generation Z should have a strong online presence. Now, it is important to point out that a business not only has to be active but easy to reach at any given time.

This generation also seems to appreciate authenticity more than anything else. This means your online presence should feel genuine rather than doctored. You do not want your videos to feel too polished but rather have an “in-the-moment” feel.

Make sure you consider how your business is going to connect with this generation through social media apps that favor in-the-moment images, such as Snapchat and other ephemeral platforms.

Genuine Attention Matters

Another thing that is pretty important to this new generation is attentiveness. What you have to keep in mind is that generation Z has grown up with technology, and this has changed their expectations. This young group of people expect quick responses and a certain level of personalization.

Older generations might have had some trouble sharing information with businesses, but this generation does not seem to care too much as long as the business is responsible with their data. It is okay to use cookies and other internet tools to collect information to provide a personalized service.

Personalization goes beyond offering products or services that you think will attract this generation. You also have to find a way to anticipate the needs of this young block of consumers; for example, you can offer prepaid debit cards that are tailored to persons under 18 of age (a lot of Gen Z still falls to this category).

Efficiency is a Big One

Responsive technology has created certain expectations that all businesses must now meet. This generation wants businesses to create an experience that is seamless. You need to make sure there are no glitches when customers are using your page, but that is just one thing to consider.

You also need to create the same kind of experience when generation Z customers are inside your store. Furthermore, this young consumer also wants to do everything on his or her own while in your store.

You can offer an app that allows consumers to navigate your store and even pay for purchases without waiting in line.

Creating this kind of experience in your store should attract generation Z and millennials who love automation as well. Now, you are going to need to hire an app builder or a website designer that can help you realize these types of services. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help to better understand this generation.

Keep it Constant

You are going to be using social media platforms to connect with this new generation, but it is important that you understand your brand before you do so. This particular generation will support a brand as long as this brand knows itself and is consistent.

Your social media expert is going to have to make sure your company’s brand is recognizable throughout each platform, which can be a little complex since each platform requires a different approach. Some are more photo-centric, video-centric, or chat-centric. This is the reason you need to make sure your social media expert understands what your company stands for before hiring him or her.

Creating consistency creates familiarity amongst this young generation, which is pretty important considering how disloyal this young consumer block is.

Yes, compared to previous generations, this generation does not form a bond easily with the brands they consume. This reality means you are going to have to work even harder to keep them interested.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions make it easier to connect to this emerging generation that is going to represent a large section of the consumer base. Those who have adopted to what millennials want have a leg forward because generation Z simply takes millennial desires a step forward.

Keep in mind that this is a learning process, so pay attention to your customers, and continue to refine your business to cater to them.

Philip Piletic
I have several years of experience in marketing and startups, and regularly contribute to a number of online platforms related to technology, marketing and small business. I closely follow how Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud and other rising technologies grew to shape our everyday lives. Currently working as managing editor for a UK tech site.