Optimists or Pessimists


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One of the reasons working with salespeople is so rewarding is that they tend to be optimists. And, if I get a choice, I’ll take an optimist over a pessimist any time. They’re more fun. Here’s why:

Half Full or Half Empty?

  • An optimist believes. A pessimist doubts.
  • An optimist thinks of possibility. A pessimist ponders impossibility.
  • An optimist dreams of potential. A pessimist has nightmares of failure.
  • An optimist hopes for improvement. A pessimist waits for setbacks.
  • An optimist imagines a better tomorrow. A pessimist remembers a bad yesterday.
  • An optimist visualizes what’s undeveloped. A pessimist sees pitfalls.
  • An optimist takes a chance. A pessimist avoids a risk.
  • An optimist likes. A pessimist dislikes.
  • An optimist observes the good. A pessimist seeks the bad.
  • An optimist stretches. A pessimist withdraws.
  • An optimist studies the probable. A pessimist identifies the improbable.
  • An optimist believes in the limitless. A pessimist sees limitation.
  • An optimist laughs. A pessimist frowns.
  • An optimist endeavors to attain. A pessimist works with disdain.
  • An optimist praises achievements. A pessimist points out failings.
  • An optimist looks up. A pessimist looks down.
  • An optimist seeks improvement. A pessimist remains satisfied.
  • An optimist yearns for tomorrow. A pessimist fears it.
  • An optimist believes in what will be. A pessimist focuses on what was.
  • An optimist can. A pessimist can’t.
  • An optimist will. A pessimist won’t.
  • An optimist looks for a hand up. A pessimist expects a handout.

Of course a dose of pragmatism doesn’t hurt. But overall…I want positivity. Which way do you lean?


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