OpenSpan Introduces Automation 7.0 to Accelerate Enterprise Transformation


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OpenSpan Automation 7.0 speeds agile desktop development with new framework and best practice plug-in features to address rapid transformation initiatives

ATLANTA – January 27, 2015 – OpenSpan, Inc., an industry pioneer in desktop automation technologies that support transformation initiatives focused on driving revenue growth, customer lifetime value and operational efficiency, today introduced its new OpenSpan Automation 7.0 suite of solutions designed to accelerate automation, agile desktop and robotics solution development. Leveraging the newest agile desktop and interaction framework components, organizations can build more robust automation and agile desktop solutions that support transformation projects designed to minimize costs and increase revenue.

OpenSpan Automation 7.0 is a suite that includes a development framework, design environment, deployment and management console used to build intelligent desktop solutions that scale to meet enterprise transformation requirements. The newest expansions of the suite – an agile desktop solution and interaction framework – enable best-in-class organizations to deliver desktop automation solutions faster and with more pre-built configurations. Leveraging these newest solutions within the context of strategic enterprise transformation projects, companies can simplify and automate work activities to empower employees to be more strategic and value-driven.

“OpenSpan Automation 7.0 brings to market several advancements that support transformation projects from both technology and business perspectives,” commented Damon Lockwood, chief technology officer for OpenSpan. “The agile desktop solution and interaction framework enable developers to build and manage automation and taskbar solutions, and working cohesively with OpenSpan Management Console, deployment to specific work groups or departments is faster and more flexible.”

OpenSpan Automation scales from simple process or activity automation solutions to more advanced, enterprise-wide transformation projects that save companies millions of dollars. Eliminating redundant manual tasks and creating cohesion between applications, OpenSpan Automation helps reduce the number of manual tasks employees must perform and automates work to streamline processes, reducing the amount of time it takes to handle transactions and reducing the opportunity for error by maintaining process compliance. In addition to automations that improve an employee’s ability to perform work, OpenSpan Automation 7.0 also features a robotic automation solution. For processing work that involves no human decision-making or other type of intervention, OpenSpan can automate these activities to process mechanically.

For companies that require a consolidated user interface or toolbar to access data from disparate applications, OpenSpan’s agile desktop solution includes pre-configured plug-in modules to quickly build 360-degree customer views, smart task bars, automated notes and audit logs from multiple systems – complete with customizable branding and design leveraging HTML5.

As the underlying technology foundation automation projects, the OpenSpan Interaction Framework enables multiple projects to interact with one another without direct dependencies. Using the OpenSpan Interaction Framework, developers can define a shared set of data and activities known as an interaction that all the projects in the solution utilize.

Leveraging the framework, a developer can add new projects to a solution to satisfy a new business requirement without having to modify existing projects. Having interactions at hand makes coding projects more efficient, and speeds the time to impact for project deployment. Interactions also enable projects to be tested independently improving overall quality.

“The agile desktop and interaction framework within OpenSpan Automation 7.0 makes a developer substantially more prolific and dynamic in terms of building automations and desktop solutions,” said Lockwood. “The standard plug-in capabilities in OpenSpan Agile Desktop automation and integration solutions have been pre-built using the most functional development practices – coders have access to all of these capabilities to leverage without the need for building code from the ground up.”

“OpenSpan solutions are impacting billions of transactions across the globe,” commented Lockwood. “Leveraging the flexibility and out-of-the-box capabilities of OpenSpan Automation 7.0, organizations have the ability to build and test new desktop solutions, with limited coding required. Using advancements in the OpenSpan product stack can play an impactful role in transformation projects by helping employees work smarter so that transactions more efficient, profitable outcomes.”

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