Online Tools To Analyze And Spy On Your Competitors


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Before venturing into an online business, you must have spied on and analyzed your competition. After all, you look for opportunities and set new goals based on the person you want to beat.

If you are developing an online marketing strategy for your website and you need to know what your competitor is doing – whether they are keywords for which they position, their Link Building strategy or their investment through payment (e.g., AdWords), you will need some tools to achieve this.

Knowing data such as the average number of visits by organic positioning and advertising campaigns can make the difference between a successful and failed strategy.

Combining the usage of these tools will allow you to know the online marketing strategy of any website and its competitors. All of them are free tools, and if they are not free, they have the option of 1 month free. As always, it is convenient to use their data with relative reliability.

Tools to spy on and analyze your competition


Although many professionals insist that Alexa data is not reliable, it is one of the most advanced tools to analyze the competition. Alexa has been collecting data from web pages for a long time. If you have the Moz toolbar installed on your browser, you can see the Alexa ranking of any web page directly. This tool, when it comes to spying on your competitors, measures links, traffic, keywords, etc. The best thing about this tool is its ability to obtain data on international competitors and an overview of the ranking of any web page.


Ahrefs is one of the tools to analyze links and the most popular content in the market. Your dashboard shows you the main pages, IPs and external links of any of your competitors. This page has excellent customer service and works very hard to make sure you get what you need. Although you need to have the paid version to get the best service, the free version allows you to get three different reports and up to 10 results (limited time). It is the perfect tool to find IPs and external links of your competitors.

Google Keyword Planner

This is a product of Google. Finding information about your competitors is one of the functions of this tool (try to insert a URL in the ideas box, instead of a keyword). If you like to create niches or need to get ideas to improve the rankings of your keywords, Google Keyword Planner is the perfect tool. It also provides you with data such as search volume or traffic forecasts of all the keywords you need to know.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a tool that is not known by many people. It is straightforward to set up your account and start receiving alerts from Google. How does Google Alerts work? Just enter a search to receive periodic notifications about your search in your email. In this way, you can be up to date on matters that consign you. For example, for companies, it can be beneficial to monitor your brand or other competing brands. It is a straightforward tool and once configured, you do not have to open it again.


iSpionage is a tool to monitor keywords and allows you to see the performance of the best organic and PPC keywords (both Google and Bing) of your competition. It also allows you to see the most effective ads of your competitors by showing you a series of graphs where all this data is compared. It’s perfect for analyzing the performance of the best organic and PPC keywords and finding out the amount that your competitors spend on organic and paid search.


KeywordSpy is useful for finding out how any website is designing its campaigns in Google Adwords, Bing/Microsoft Adcenter or Yahoo Search Marketing. It reveals the organic keywords and PPC, the copies of the ads, the average cost per click (CPC) (calculated from the Google API), the duration of the campaign, etc. of your competitors.


Majestic is a tool designed to decipher the strategy of link building for any website. It offers information about external links, anchor texts, reference domains, and also offers the possibility of simultaneously comparing other web pages. The free version provides a location map of the reference domains of the links, in addition to evolution graphs of external links in the last 60 days. You can use this tool to identify a possible campaign of fraudulent purchase of links and send a “Spam Report” to Google through its webmaster tool.


Mention is presented as a tool for online monitoring for medium or large enterprises. The tool analyzes both the website and social networks and has many configuration options. As a Freemium user, you can create a free account with limited functions. It is multiplatform; it has a web application, a desktop version for PC, MAC or Linux, an app for Chrome and applications for both iOS devices such as the iPhone and the Android operating system. The apps are developed by top mobile app development companies.


It provides extensive information on SEO and SEM traffic of a website, the approximate monthly budget in Adwords campaigns, organic keywords and PPC, with an estimated cost per click, a copy of the ads, traffic generated via Adwords and organic positioning, competitors in Adwords and many more.


This tool has some exciting features that focus on blogs, video, and social networks. Write a search term (either a keyword or a company’s name). SpyFu will show you everything that is said about that term. You can see how often and how many time that search term is mentioned and it even gives you the option to subscribe to an RSS feed for that term.

Analyze your competition and detect their online marketing strategy

Identifying your competitors’ online strategy is just the beginning. To use this information productively, you will have to compare it with your strategy and understand how it can be improved. Implementing a system of continuous improvement is a key to the success of your strategy. Use the information about your competitors to create a solid strategy and find your own space in the market. Contact top app mobile development companies to help you integrate some of these features into your mobile app.


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