One Step Beyond Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC)


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Why should we understand our customer’s needs and wants? Because thats the most cost effective way to run an organization. The formula is simple:
Customers Needs & Wants
Company Actions & Strategies
Highest Level of Services at the Lowest Cost Possible

Determining what you should STOP doing for your customers is sometimes the most profitable decision you can make.

My company helps create customer collaboration, and as a result we are able to involve the customers in many aspects of service delivery. We help you put your customers to work coaching and quality monitoring your employees. Who better to provide a QM score than the actual customer the person interacted with?

Our clients using our hosted application have their customers participating in employee performance appraisals, quality monitoring, recognition programs – all while improving individual employee performance.

Employees “buy in” much quicker when the feedback comes from their customers.
Customer loyalty increases because they are involved in the success of service delivery.
Our clients are happy because the customer is an incredibly passionate, reliable and affordable resource.

If interested, send me a note and I’ll share a case study with you or let you tour one of our client’s on-line. You can even test drive the application with your most challenging team.
So start asking your customers what they think, and then put them to work!


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