Not On Pinterest? This Chart May Change Your Mind


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When it comes to fast growth, few social media networks have had a run like Pinterest. The social site, which lets you pin images from around the Web, quickly grew a massive audience.

I’ve written about some of the excuses B2B marketers make for not jumping into Pinterest before. But if you’re one of the holdouts waiting until the network has greater traction, the chart below could mark the end of your wait.

According to Shareaholic’s network of 200,000 publishers, Pinterest is now producing more referrals than Google’s Referral service, Twitter and StumbleUpon.


For the month of June, Pinterest represented 1.19% of visits, well below what Google organic search or Facebook delivered, but it’s outpacing many other channels.

So what are the takeaways?

1. Clearly, Pinterest is not a flash in the pan. The site is continuing to grow and to deliver traffic to content creators. If your brand isn’t on Pinterest, it might be worth making an investment.

2. If you are going to spend time on Pinterest, make sure your content is visually striking enough to succeed. This is a best practice for any modern content marketing: Your content should have well-designed visuals to keep the eye engaged.

If you’re looking for some advice, check out our post on 6 board ideas for your Pinterest page.


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