NFL Fans Love Their Teams. Do NFL Teams Love Them Back?


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Well, not if you use the Follow-to-Follower ratio on Twitter as the measure.  In fact, here is how NFL teams compare:

NFL on Twitter

As you can see, the average NFL team follows back just 0.46% of their followers.  Sure, some of those accounts are bound to be bots and other type of junk profiles.  And anyone who is managing a major (brand) profile knows that it takes a lot of time and is hard work to follow back your targeted audience.  But still, these numbers suggest that each team is passing up an opportunity to show their fans how much they really appreciate their support by following them back.  How would you “feel” if your favorite NFL team followed you back?  How cool would that be?!  Based on the numbers above I may start cheering for the Chargers.



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