New Tips For Supercharging B2B Customer Experience In SaaS Companies This Year


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You have just opened a SaaS (Software as a Service) business, and after hard work and dedication, you have built a solid product that solves many challenges that are faced by B2B (Business to Business) customers on a day-to-day basis. However, just like with any other product that is new, the question arises on how to get the most out of it, since it is natural that your customers will want to have the best customer experience, and they turn to you to provide the same.

Now, even though it might be easy for your first hundred customers (as they have your phone numbers) and so you are just a call or text message away to handle their issues, but as your business grows suddenly you might find that as an entrepreneur you are spending most of your day solving your customer’s pain-points and investing lesser and lesser time to build your brand’s next great offering that you wish to present to your consumers in the marketplace.

By now, it is possibly clear to you that you require some customer service experts for your business since to build your customer service team you need to hire agents to solve customer issues. But now with your support team with multiple support agents covering the same customers, you surely also need a business growth tool like an easy to use CRM to restructure communications and keep support agents up-to-date on all customer data in your CRM database.

Therefore as with the right business growth technology and training, you enable your support agents to embark upon tackling the biggest product challenges and thereby provide excellent and consistent service to your customers, here are five ways you can empower your B2B customer support team to deliver exceptional customer service experience this year:

Tip #1
Solve Problems With Screen-Sharing Technology

To provide awesome customer support to the consumers of your offerings, you must put yourself in their shoes. Now, both you as an organization and your B2B customers live inside the software, and therefore it really makes sense to use software to solve their problems.
Now as an awarded and the best small business CRM software vendor that have a popular global presence in the Salesforce Alternative CRM space, we have on several instances found customer support teams that use the right software can make quick work by more than 87% in solving issues of a long support queue.

This is because the customer support software that your team use should back up your agents and offer better ways to resolve customer issues.
Hence for B2B customers, we found that visual support is especially useful as videos and pictures allow the customer support reps to show exactly where the problem lies and thereafter make it easy for the customers to follow steps to resolve their issue.

For example, imagine one of your customers is having a problem using a back-end feature of your SaaS offering. Now, if your support rep had to explain the solution over the phone, just think of how many steps it would take (scroll there, click here, look into the upper right/left corner) to illustrate the findings. Hence, would not be it a lot easier to show where to go and what they should do to resolve their issues?

Now there are several customer support software solutions available in the marketplace or software integrations that can be easily clubbed with easy to use CRM tools that have screen-sharing as a feature which can solve plenty of pain-points in real-time for your customers.

Tools like these really simplify the customer’s journey with your brand from problem to solution, which in turn helps your support reps to complete tickets faster and with lesser frustrations as relying on the transparency and clarity that screen- sharing and videos can provide is a win-win situation for both the customers and your team.

Tip #2
Keep It Straightforward and Simple

Founders cherish to help every part of their business. They are all passionate about the offering(s) they had built, and even want to walk the extra miles to explain as much as possible about how their product or service should work to the consumers of their offerings.

Now even though it goes well in conference talks and new customer meetings, nevertheless this falls short and is rather less helpful when customers are frustrated and need support for their issues.

This is exactly where professional customer support reps present an excellent opportunity for a founder to take a step back and instead let the support team go to work.

This is because while founder and an inventor might be well-versed in the tech speak relevant to the company’s product line, that high-detailed form of communication does not always translate well while closing customer tickets, since tech speak and technology can get complicated, and when your customers are looking for simple answers to provide an immediate solution to their issues.

Hence, empower your customer support teams to keep their help simple. For this train your agents well but thereafter let them use their individual intellects to deliver great service for your product line.

In fact, the best hires on support teams have the ability to take up complex issues and cut it down to steps and terms that customers can easily follow for an immediate solution to their issues.

For example, let us assume that you have a customer who asked about how to activate the most recent debuted product feature in your offering. Now while an over-enthusiastic founder might share the valuable technology operating in the back-end to enable the feature and thereafter highlight its use cases, a trained support rep would break down the issue itself and walk the customer just through the activation process of the desired new functionalities.

Therefore, by enabling the support agents to keep things simple, founders who are running the show can focus their most valuable time on building the next product feature while customers also by getting the specific answers they want can enjoy a positive experience with the company.

Tip #3
Support Takes a Team

When you are primarily building your SaaS product it can feel that like you are a team working towards a singular goal. This is because you can always achieve enhanced results through joint team efforts.

This is even true with customer support, much like it is relevant in any other functional area in businesses.

Now, B2B customer support also thrives on collaborations since even if some of the answers to the questions raised by the customers might seem apparently simple arriving at those answers could take several complex steps.

Hence finding access to the right minds and at the right times can render a memorable and effective support experience.

Therefore to remain successful in the support strategies you need to create an environment that is built on trust with the agents in your customer support. Make them feel comfortable when they ask for any advice from a specialist in your company who can provide better answers to the questions raised by your customers.

Encourage your agents to connect with other fellow agents and other teams to learn on their expertise to solve problems in a collaborative environment.

Rather you must use collaborative software like an easy to use CRM that can allow agents to share their information by creating channels for seamless collaboration quickly, and solve the most difficult challenges through teamwork.

Tip #4
Take an Omni-channel Approach

Remember the consumers of your offerings live everywhere online, and they also expect you to be the same.

Therefore in modern times when customers have questions for your support teams they use all sorts of channels to make contact with your organization.

In fact, nowadays customers come everywhere (email, phone, chat, etc.) with their questions and issues.

Hence use business growth software solutions that are built to manage Omni-channel customer support approaches that are capable of enabling your agents to answer customers decisively and quickly, no matter where they are across the world.

This is because of the fact that a true Omni-channel approach in business even in startup organizations once they use an all-in-one CRM for small and medium businesses let support agents easily switch between popular channels and reply to their customers irrespective of where they are and not miss a beat.

Now if you want to diminish the pilling up burdens on your most popular channels, then help the customers to help themselves with self-service solutions by providing the right resources like an online knowledge base and allow your customers to solve their issues on their own.

We say this because creating an online database of guides to common problems faced by the customers can remove a lot of stress from the support agents. It has been observed that video contents uploaded in the knowledge base are especially helpful as customers viewing these contents can walk themselves through the solutions even before they reach out to customer support.

Tip #5
Always Follow Up

Finally, never think that your support agent’s job is finished even after the agent solved their customer’s issues.

Therefore, always remain vigilant and provide your support agents the right tool so that they can see when and how customers are interacting with your SaaS-based offerings.

Provide your customers with additional value through education and continued support. Share educational pieces since these additional touches can improve the customer relationship by showing your customers that your brand cares about their success in using your offering(s), which can lead to a boost in up-sell and cross-selling of your product line.


Even though when you started out, providing satisfactory SaaS customer support can seem an uphill task since there are certainly a lot of traffic and information to manage, nevertheless, providing your service agents with the best support software like an easy to use CRM and by keeping solutions simple can let your businesses’ customer service agents offer your customers practical and easy solutions to even the most complex issues, which is sure to win loyal B2B customers in the long run.


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