New Rules: How To Connect With Millennial Customers


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As a business, you’re probably aware that the millennials form a significant part of your market. The millennial market is different, which means that you need to build your marketing strategy around what makes them unique.

You’ll be able to win over millennials by understanding what appeals to them. You can use technology and create content to leverage millennials’ habits and lifestyles.
Let’s explore some ways you can reach out to millennials and bring them into your business.

Understand Millennials’ Values

Millennials are hyperconnected thanks to the availability of mobile phones and the internet. They tend to value experiences over material things, and when they seek products, they look for quality.

Understanding millennials’ values can help create more effective marketing strategies. You’ll be able to craft content that speaks to what matters to them. Here’s a brief look at some key values that will help you market to them more effectively.

Sustainability: Millennials are conscious about the impact of products, businesses, and their own actions on the environment. Businesses that follow sustainable and ethical practices will garner more support.

You can highlight your own business’s role in supporting better business and environmental practices. Do this by creating content for your website and social media. You can also engage with your millennial audience by asking them for product ideas.

Saving Money: Millennials are cautious due to the uncertain economy they live in. They value sharing and frugality, forgoing traditional ‘must-have’ purchases such as a home or a car.

Millennials focus on saving and finding value when making purchases.
To respond to their desire to save, you can highlight your product’s cost-saving features. Create discounts and offers to provide compelling reasons for your audience to buy from you. 93% of millennials have compared online deals using a mobile device. They care about price and also do research before buying.

Research Orientation: Millennial undertake extensive research before investing in products or services. They value recommendations from friends and family over a brand’s claims. They also refer to online reviews before buying from a company.

Your business can leverage user-generated content as a way to influence your brand perception. Showcase customer reviews on your website. Use your audience’s social media posts in ads. You can also ask your customers to share their experiences with your company.

Encouraging user-generated content will help you show millennials that your brand is authentic. Such content builds trust faster and drives conversions.

Focus on Mobile-First

Mobile phones are in extensive use today. It’s vital to build content and create a site that’s mobile-friendly first. Especially since Google has implemented a mobile-first indexing policy. This means that Google is indexing the mobile version of a website over the desktop one.

Your mobile site is going to play a significant role in its search ranking. This is why you need to make sure that you use mobile-responsive themes and that your content is easy to read.

It’s also essential to optimize your mobile site’s performance and speed. Focusing on mobile-first lets you leverage a platform that millennials are highly active on. You’re also going to improve your SEO.

Incorporate Personalization

Personalization matters to millennials. Impersonal marketing content that addresses people as if they were a faceless mass only gets indifference.

You can build loyalty to your brand by creating personalization. Millennials are more likely to click an email where the subject line addresses them by name. They will also engage with personalized content and product recommendations.

Another powerful way to build loyalty is to create an exclusive membership site. A membership site that has content or enables discussion only for your members creates a personalized touch.
Personalization indicates that you understand your audience, and you know what they want. It also shows that you care and that you’ll look after your customers.

Use Videos

Using videos is an effective way to boost your marketing. Video content is highly engaging and easy to consume. Reading text on small mobile devices is hard to do and strains the eyes. Brands that create videos make it possible for people to consume content easily.

You can support millennials’ research by making in-depth product videos explaining how they work. Consider working with influencers in your field and asking them to review your brand or products. This can be a powerful way to leverage peer recommendations with videos.

85% of millennials say that they bought a product after watching a video. 66% of them also engaged with a brand after watching a video.
It’s clear that having a video marketing strategy is important to connect to millennials.

Make sure that you use videos as a frequent part of your social media strategy. Today, many platforms have a ‘story’ option where you can upload short videos or images that disappear after 24 hours. They are often engaging because it creates a ‘Fear of Missing Out‘ on content and offers. You can also add hashtags, polls, and other features to make your story interactive and engaging. Interactivity is another powerful way to connect with customers.

Create Interactive Content

Interactive content lets people play a role in creating content on social media or your website. They aren’t just passive recipients of your content, they’re active creators.

There are free tools available that make it easy to create interactive content. Social media platforms have features that allow you to create polls and surveys easily. You can start a watch party, launch live videos, or ask questions that invite opinions.

Interactivity can also be simple. Your blog can create interactivity by generating comments from readers.

Giveaway contests are also a type of interactive content since it creates engagement. People often like, share, and comment on online contests.

By creating interactive content, you’re engaging with your millennial audience. You can connect with them and build a relationship over time.

Over to You

Connecting with the millennial market can be challenging for many businesses. They are a relatively new market, and there are new rules for engaging with them.

Use the ideas given here to engage millennials in a way that they’ll appreciate. Create meaningful experiences to win them over, and you’ll build rewarding relationships that grow your business.

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