My Buzz Wish List – Top 10.


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1. Being able to cross-post selected Buzzes to other social networking sites, like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
2. Being able to follow conversations/topics vs just people.
3. Being able to comment on each Buzz – hierarchically vs linear.
4. Being able to apply filter on Twitter to cross-post to Buzz – without enabling every single Tweet to show up in Buzz stream.
5. Ability to create groups – the easy way – not Google groups, but something much easier to create and manage inside Buzz.
6. Integration with GoogleWave.
7. Being able to manage multiple Buzz identities within one gmail account.
8. Make Buzzes embeddable, widgets, etc…
9. Open API for Buzz – enable people to create robots, widgets, add-ons [similar to GoogleWave];
10. Integrate with other essential functions: schedule event; start phone conversation, etc..

I know that improved security has to be somewhere in top 10 – but I am not sure what exactly I’d like to see – your thoughts? What are your top 10?


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