Most Useful Tips for Improving Success of Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2019


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When it is performed correctly, email marketing using easy to use CRM is one the most productive ways to reach your audience.
In other words, email marketing is a strategy that helps businesses to communicate with potential customers on a personal level.

However, achieving success in email marketing for sales and business growth is not always easily done as there are several instances where businesses ran these campaigns for months but have found little success along the way.

Therefore, if you are having an ongoing email marketing program for your brand and business and you think there are some rooms for improvement, here are four awesome tips that can help your campaigns to be more productive for rapid sales and business growth:

1. Hire A Copywriter

The most important aspect of your emails in your campaigns is the content within it. Therefore, if writing is not your forte, hire, outsource or contact a professional copywriter, since you need to craft emails that not only have an engaging subject line but also well-written valuable information in the message.

This is because; only if you work with a professional copywriter you will be able to find the right tone and subject matter for your brand, and even though it is an added expense, but it is worth its salt since this improves the success rate of your campaigns considerably.

2. Use GIF and Images

When people receive their emails most do not like to look at a block of text.
In other words, your emails need to visually appealing, which implies formatting and using images.

Now the emails that you send are a great place to include images of new products, recent company events, or at least the logo of your business or brand.
You may also use images to break up the text so that your emails become easier to read for your subscribers.

One option that many businesses are using nowadays is to include GIF (a bitmap image format) inside their emails, which can either add some humor or provide more information to an email.

For instance, if you want to showcase your best small business CRM software solution, you can include a short GIF of how it works, since GIFs add life to your emails and aids them to stand out from the crowd.

3. Offer An Incentive

Even before anyone reads your emails, they need to sign up for receiving them, which is most often the hardest part of creating a successful email marketing campaign.

Therefore to increase your sign up rate and bring in more subscribers for your email, provide a token discount in any form (access to an eBook you wrote, or a discount on their first purchase) for anyone who signs up for receiving your emails.

For this, include a message about your incentive or offer right where the sign-up button is on the landing page, which will hopefully get more people to enter their email addresses that you can assimilate inside your CRM database for the success of your business.

4. Split Test

Finally to track the success of your email campaigns using easy to use CRM software, to make improvements as you go along.

Now, a great way to do this, is through spit testing, which means when you present your email subscribers two different versions of the same email (each with a slight difference) and track using analytics in your Salesforce or Salesforce Alternative CRM software which one performs better, you can use metrics found in this information to boost the overall performance of your emails going forward for finding more email open rates and lesser unsubscribe rate in your email list.

For example, you can send two emails using your easy to use CRM software, whereby each has the same copy, but only one of them uses image.
Now, if you find that the email which used images performed better, you can then use images in all your other emails and thereafter continue split testing something else such as the CTA (Call to Action) button or the subject line.

Takeaway- Always Look For Ways to Improve

Lastly, even if you find that your email marketing campaign is not performing well as you might like at this moment, never give up, since at times all it takes is just a few little tweaks to drastically improve your campaign’s success rate.

Therefore, now that you have learned the tricks to boost your email campaign’s success rate buy CRM and grow your business with the above-stated email marketing skills.


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