More Conversions Through Improved Customer Engagement


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So you’ve captured their attention. What’s the best way to keep it?

It’s critical to focus on customer engagement for your business to grow. Personalization is a fantastic approach to meeting this objective. There are various methods for personalizing the customer experience, and we’ll go through some of the most successful ones in this blog article. It might be beneficial to use marketing software to automate your digital experience and make it more personalized for your clients. Saving money while still establishing a foundation for long-term client relationships by utilizing personalization is something that you should consider.

When you transform customer engagement, you also immensely improve buyer enablement. Measuring clicks, views, or time spent on a page is no longer adequate. Engagement is the key to success in marketing today, and buyers now expect self-service options (only 21% engage with sales reps during the early buying stages).

What is Buyer Enablement

The first step in the buyer enablement strategy is to change your thinking, which entails making a decision and taking action. There is no sale without both. Buyer enablement may be renamed change enablement. According to popular belief, the first store or vendor to provide value is more likely to succeed. You’re playing catch-up at this stage.

The customer continuum, as I call it. Most buyers don’t engage with sales early in the process because there are so many facets of change to address before becoming buyers. They need guidance during their pre-buying and buying process and their customer lifecycle. The biggest change with buyer-driven experiences is the need for a consistent narrative that covers the entire lifecycle and only discusses topics that matter to them. Given buyers’ preference for self-reliance, marketers have a big opportunity to help orchestrate this content experience by serving relevant information at every stage.

Consider: Is it easy for buyers to revisit previous steps? 95% of buyers report revisiting decisions as new information emerges.

Each member of a committee has a viewpoint. Examine the similarities they may use to build consensus. Do they even know if everyone necessary is accounted for? Are you assisting buyers in locating and overcoming roadblocks on their journey to purchase? Identifying all stakeholders involved, as well as any workarounds to try first, the level of risk, how to minimize it, and more

What should purchasers do now to continue?

We can’t assume that our customers will have the same experience if they buy through us as they would if they go elsewhere. We’ll use various marketing software systems to provide content at each step of their purchase process so that we can address any issues they may encounter and be ready to offer solutions. You also play an essential part in this by being both a mentor and a guide, which is something we should all strive for.

To discover which platforms are the most successful in reaching specific consumers with content similar to yours, rates and engagement scores from different channels, such as social media websites and traditional media sources, are compared.

Scores and customer journeys are stored in the customer data platform (CDP), which businesses can use to track progress and deliver a more personalized experience. This may help customers navigate your book’s challenges and increase engagement and conversions. Marketing systems can automate segmentation, content development, and tailored messaging to support this goal further.

Customer segments and insights determine the personalization you need

With all of our technology, it’s simple to customize the purchasing experience. You may find out where your consumer is from or which demographics they belong to so that you’re not simply suggesting things for them but also reaching a target audience who will be interested in what YOU have to offer!

Most people don’t realize that when you try to sell something, the buyer’s emotions come into play. If they aren’t emotionally invested, logic will take over, and the sale may never happen – even if what you’re selling is great! An emotional connection is key for building self-confidence, which leads directly back into being able to make decisions that are favorable to YOU.”

Marketers can be broadly categorized according to values, interests, or styles. In marketing today, we must consider real-time multichannel approaches to reach our target consumers.

What other methods have you used to enhance customer experience and improve sales? These are only a few ways personalization may help you grow. You will achieve 20-30% savings throughout your organization.

It’s more crucial than ever to figure out your target audience and what motivates them. Tailoring your marketing strategy to targeted groups will help you save money while boosting conversion rates. Have you experimented with customizing your campaigns? There is no better time than now to start, so our team would be delighted to assist you in getting started – fill out the form below for a free consultation today.

Areeya Lila
Areeya Lila has a passion for customer experience and over 20 years in technology. She's an entrepreneur who loves building products; currently, VIEWN enables eCommerce stores to provide the best possible shopping experience through artificial intelligence (AI) powered data analytics and customer personas.


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