Mobile App Development Future with HTML5


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Over the recent years, one major technological trend that has witnessed a major rise across the globe is the use of mobile devices. As such, the mobile app development industry is becoming quite a rage in the recent times. With the presence of a vast pool of top app developers out there, the leading mobile app development companies are looking out to design and develop highly interactive, user-friendly, smart mobile apps that enhance the overall user experience.

The upcoming times have observed a steep rise in the number of smartphone users in the world which has surpassed the figure of over 2 billion users as per a recent study. This has been observed as an approximate rise of around 12.6 percent in the period of the past few years. This serves to be a clear indication that we are striving towards an increasingly advanced mobile future without any doubt.

With the ever-rising use of the mobile devices, the need for highly coded mobile apps that tend to be interactive & user-friendly has also increased immensely. In such a scenario, HTML5 is serving to be one of the best and the most useful ways of creating highly functional mobile apps in the current tech-savvy world.

HTML5 –the Guide to Effective Mobile App Development

The HTML5 is a high-end mobile application development technology that aims to offer the top app developers the ability to work efficiently using a single code base towards deploying the mobile application across several platforms like the Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Blackberry, and leading web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Towards satisfying the high industry demands for effective mobile app development services, the major shift towards the increased use of HTML5 is becoming essential in the current times. The coming future of efficient mobile app development process might well be in the hands of the high-end HMTL5 technology given the consideration of the desired penetrating applications.

Need for Effective Mobile App Development

As per a recent study, it is assumed that the by the time of 2019, the number of mobile devices and users is expected to cross the number of 5 billion users in comparison to the current 4.61 billion users. Owing to the increasing use of the services from the Internet and its applications in almost all walks of life, the need for highly efficient mobile apps cannot be ignored.

Given the advent of cutting-edge technologies like the Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT (Internet of Things), wearable app devices, and others, the consumers nowadays are looking forward to a high level of interactivity and user-friendliness by the upcoming mobile apps. The given scenario makes it more vital for the top app developers towards creating & delivering more complex mobile applications which are able to function well on different types of devices better and faster.

The increasing use of efficient mobile apps across multi-niche business enterprises paves the path for the leading app developers towards creating mobile apps that are able to function on desktop systems as well as on mobile devices. These reasons amplify the need for the use of HTML5 towards effective mobile app development which is gaining impetus in recent times.

How is HTML5 Beneficial?

One of the main reasons for using HTML5 for effective mobile app development is that this app development technology is specifically designed for working across all the major and multi-niche platforms including the leading web browsers and Operating Systems. The mobile users are able to download and install web applications like an icon on the screen of any device when it has been made using the designing and development concepts of HTML5.

This implies that if you are searching for some application on the web through some mobile device and you come across some application that you would like to store on the device’s home screen, then you can easily create an app icon which would directly lead you to the given web page.

html5 app development benefits

Why is HTML5 Famous Amongst the App Developers?

As per a recent survey which was done across individuals from different corners of the world, it has been observed that around 60 percent of the app developers are now utilizing the medium of HTML5 for the development of highly interactive and smart mobile apps. Even the leading Fortune 500 companies have accepted HTML5 for the designing and development of high-end mobile applications. In comparison to the other coding technologies that are utilized for the development of mobile apps, the HTML5 comes with a growth rate of around 20 percent that tends to be the highest amongst all others in the given segment.

HTML5 is well-accepted and appreciated across the worldwide app developers owing to its immense familiarity and the overall ease of use. The use of HTML5 saves the complex project development work and also aims at decreasing the entire cost of the mobile app designing and development process.

Another major reason for using HTML5 as the leading mobile app development coding techniques is that it comes with open standard support. It allows the leading app developers to design and develop the specific mobile apps accordingly as per the needs of the different platforms, mobile devices, operating systems, and other factors determining the overall functionalities of the mobile apps.

HTML5 enables the developers to deliver highly rich-quality content which usually does not depend upon the given device type or the type of Operating System. As such, HTML5 has become one of the most favorite coding techniques for effective development of native mobile apps.

Future of Mobile App Development with HTML5

Though HTML5 does not depend on the Operating System or the type of device used, the HTML5 is yet to be known as an effective desktop language in the upcoming era of high-tech mobile devices. For the famous mobile app developers, it is vital to ensure the importance of HTML5 towards effective mobile app development to ensure the overall success of the respective businesses in multiple niches. In the coming times, HTML5 is definitely going to be adopted by more enterprises to enhance the overall growth & ROI.

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