Methods Of Using Mobile Analytics To Drive Your App Strategy


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What comes to your mind when you want to engage in a mobile app development project? Perhaps, your thoughts skip to the point where you’d achieve success. There is no gainsaying that every idea must be backed up with a plan.

So, in this case, you have an app strategy that you intend to drive. You need to have a mobile analytics which is rooted in what you tend to achieve in the app. It serves as a guide towards all that you want to achieve. You may encounter setbacks that will affect your decisions. Nevertheless, you must push on with your plan. Along the line, you can infuse new ideas to make the plan effective.

The methods that you have adopted to achieve your purpose will be proven when you meet your goal. Taking us to the next line of action are the five steps for creating a mobile analytics strategy.

1. Have A Goal

You must consider your users when you set up a goal. It can change as you progress in it. This goal constitutes what you want to achieve with the app development. You can have the goals broken down into sections. These sections will equally have subsections. In these sections, you must create a time frame for the actualization of your goal, how you intend to achieve it, the method you intend to apply and its benefits. This will serve as a pointer for you. It will make it look simpler. However, complex it may seem. Your goal will take you on to the next step.

2. Stick To The Most Viable Method

As you work towards achieving your goal, you are meant to have various ways of doing it. Each app has its own features and methods. Also, your mobile analytic strategy should also have its own unique feature. This will provide it with a range of options. Then, you can stick to the most viable method. Most app developers and app development companies use this method, and it’s quite effective.

3. Don’t Always Expect Perfection

When you are using a mobile app analytical method, give room for trials. Do not use methods you are not sure of although it must not always be a win-win situation. If your initial plan hits the brick wall, re-strategize. Come up with a more viable plan with the lessons you learned from the setback.

4. Establish A Single Mission

Make it a habit of carrying everyone along. Whatever that your mission is let it be that of every team member. Inculcate in them one plan without drifting another way, yourself. Everyone should uniformly know the goal, the means to achieve the goal, the purpose, the benefits and all that it entails. This will help your development team to work together.

5. Ensure Equal Participation

Having informed every member of the team about your mission, allow for their individual involvement. Every team member should bring their idea, ransack for information and work towards fostering the success of the work. It does not have to be you alone. I believe you had confidence on your team members, that was why you brought them on board to help you build a mobile app strategy. Therefore, give them a free hand to employ their expertise and watch them deliver their best.


  1. I like this article, Urvish. I think this is very timely. Many companies are not investing in mobile communication, sales, and marketing because people are now more exposed to their mobile phones. It just really takes a good mobile strategy to make it work. I also like how you mentioned having a goal and sticking to that one (and not aim for too much). It takes a lot of trial-and-error to get things right. Doing some mobile marketing sales test run can also deem valuable in the end.


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