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Imagine you worked for McDonald’s and you had a super new idea for a product, the McPizza. How would you test it?

Option 1: Launch it nationwide

  • Create the recipe
  • Build a supply chain for the ingredients
  • Buy the ovens
  • Train all your staff
  • Develop the marketing
  • Put up the in-store banners
  • Run the adverts
  • Launch

Option 2: Test market it

  • Create the recipe
  • Buy the ingredients
  • Rent an oven
  • Train some staff
  • Put up an in-store banner
  • Sell it in one store

Option 3: Prototype it

  • Put up an in-store banner
  • When anybody asks for pizza, apologise, say that you are out of stock, and note the request

Which is the best option?

That is not so difficult to answer, start at the bottom. Test quickly, minimise the risk and maximise what you learn then work your way up the list.

There is of course another option:

Option 4

Turn the idea over in your mind then shelve it without ever trying it. That removes all the risk… or does it? Maybe the biggest risk is being too cautious.

It is the start that stops most people ~ Don Shula

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