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Digital CX Opportunities to Kickstart the New Year event

[01/28/2021] If 2020 made one thing clear, it's that digital transformation is here to stay. What does this mean for customer experience (CX) and contact center leaders? Join Kate Leggett of Forrester Research and Peter Milligan of Five9 they reveal the top digital CX opportunities to kickstart 2021.

Best Practices to Prove the Business Value of Customer Experience resource

CustomerThink’s research finds just 19% of CX initiatives can show tangible benefits. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the ROI issue is now front and center with CX leaders. Learn the best ways to prove the business value of CX, including ROI advice in customer feedback, customer service, and CX infrastructure.

Hooked On Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies book

Combining his own professional experiences working as a CEO with his extensive research and expertise as an international authority on customer relationships, author Bob Thompson reveals the five routine organizational habits of successful customer-centric businesses: Listen, Think, Empower, Create, and Delight.

Powered by AI, the Customer Satisfaction Survey Solution that reads all your feedback for you solution

Opinyin’s is full featured customer satisfaction survey solution whose patented AI automatically reads every piece of your feedback for you, turning it into powerful data and insights, at a price any business can afford. NPS®, CES & CSAT as standard plus more.

Drive profits and performance with real time feedback solution

Improve the customer experience through feedback. ViewPoint feedback kiosks capture in-the-moment feedback while customers are in your store or venue. This means you learn how their experience compared to their expectations in an instant. It’s like having your own mystery shopper on-site 24/7.

Connecting Strategy to Outcomes by aligning colleagues to Business Purpose solution

Strategy Practitioners, focused on creating an improvement in performance by harnessing the power of existing Colleagues to effect change. Our approach is to identify & remove unproductive cost, whilst driving People Centred Experience in to deliver a growth in shareholder value, aligned to the Brand values & Business Purpose.

NEW! Live CX Certification Program anytime, anywhere for your team other

The Live CX Certification Program – organized by Global CEM – is ideal for a small group of 4-8, at your preferred time and location!

Repurpose for Profit with Custerian solution

Learn from the Pioneers of People Experience and how we use it to accelerate your business. We complete fast paced journey design to gain a pragmatic outside in approach that breaks down silos and results in high-level actionable plans. Get in touch for a taster of our approach and impact!

Predictive Customer Retention Solution solution

VOZIQ is the only cloud-based predictive retention solution that is powered by 10+ targeted machine learning models to enable recurring revenue businesses to predict customers who are at-risk of cancellation and prevent the cancellation by driving large-scale actions through contact center customer care, marketing and field channels.

On-demand, High-Accuracy Data Annotation Services solution

Obtain high-accuracy structured data for your AI and machine learning models, and other data needs, at scale. BUNCH allocates teams of highly-trained annotators trained to handle all types of data - text, images, audio and videos. We secure the highest quality of annotation results through double-pass annotation techniques and strict

Leading Offshore Software Development Company In India solution

ValueCoders is India's top-rated custom web app development company with over 15 years of experience building world-class B2B & B2C applications. It has clients ranging from startups to enterprises and worked with a variety of industry verticals including healthcare, eLearning, Data Analysis, Fintech & eCommerce.

Video and Internet Marketing Solutions solution

We work to grow small businesses, increasing their online visibility by leveraging the latest in internet and video technologies. Specializing in creative camera-less animated video production, custom images, content writing, and SlideShare presentations. We also manage HubSpot CRM, blog management, email marketing, marketing automation, and social media for clients.

Learn more from the Pioneers of People Experience solution

Learn from the Pioneers of People Experience and how we use it to accelerate your business. We complete fast paced journey design to gain a pragmatic outside in approach that breaks down silos and results in high-level actionable plans. Get in touch for a taster of our approach and impact!

Are you looking to transform your contact center? Start with an assessment on us! solution

Our mission is to help improve your customer and employee experiences through cloud contact center solutions (Five9/Genesys). VDS provides personalized support (little to no cost to you) throughout the entire contact center transformation, including assessing, designing, implementing, and managing your Cloud Contact Center solution. Open to learning more?

End-to-end, Develop your Organization's CX Structure solution

Let's team together to build your organization's CX structure... From CX Strategy to VoC to Process Engineering to your CX culture, I've got a proven method and framework to make it happen! Reach out today.

Customer Support Services For High-Growth Tech Companies solution

Our customer support services come with tailored processes, 24/5 account management, quality assurance, and instant peace of mind. BUNCH designs and allocates teams of experienced specialists to handle your customers with the highest customer experience standards. We turn your product into a customer-centered business.

Fully Managed Content Moderation Services, At Scale solution

Enforce your moderation guidelines on any volume of content with highly experienced content moderation teams. We handle 24/7 moderation on multiple platforms and arrange custom shifts to support your volume peaks. Vet, moderate, and categorize content with zero backlogs. BUNCH allocates highly-skilled content moderators trained to meet the most challenging

Understand your customers, like never before! solution

Yogi is a SaaS tool that helps companies decipher unstructured customer feedback. Using proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithms, Yogi provides extended insight beyond standard techniques like sentiment analysis and word clouds, towards richer results focused on what customers are actually talking about across various channels.

Attracting New Customers To Your Business Through Segmentation solution

New business, no customers? This is a common problem for many start-ups and small businesses. In this video and article, we review how to define your USP's, the markets segmentation landscape, how to align your value proposition to the right segments, and deliver marketing operations to succeed.

How to Use CX Insights to Drive Change, Show Business Value resource

In recent years many companies invested heavily in CX programs and teams, but few can demonstrate a measurable business impact. Learn how to overcome three of the biggest obstacles to driving real change with CX insights, and how to measure and communicate the business outcome.

FREE Call Center e-Learning Module -- Limited Time Offer! offer

VereQuest's library of CUSTOMIZABLE e-learning soft skills modules enables you to move to a new online learning environment for a fraction of the price and time. Host it on your own LMS. Pay no individual learner fees. Get in touch for a FREE module!

Free Video Tutorials: Driving Change, Trust, Partnering, Silo-Smoothing, Customer-Centric Growth resource

Helping you work remotely: these 6- to 15-minute video tutorials improve Ease of Work & Ease of Doing Business. Improving Trust, Up-Level Partnering, Interaction Bridges, Driving Change by Influence, 5 Execution Silos + 5 Operational Silos, 4 Keys to Smoothing Silos, New Segmentation for New Times, AI Segmentation Speeds Growth.

24x7 Mentor for Marketing, CS & CX Roles: ClearAction Value Exchange solution

Increase cooperation, improve strategic impact, navigate cultural, political and personality gaps, reduce silos, and influence company-wide use of customer intelligence. Templates, how-to, examples, interactive events in short actionable bites. Only $19/month. Try it!

Affordable Customer Experience Coaching: 45-90 Minutes offer

Avoid the school of hard knocks. Another perspective can help you excel. Coach Lynn Hunsaker has been in your shoes, leading CXM in complex firms. You present what you’re working on. Get on-the-spot feedback. Calls are up to 90 minutes, max 2 people from your team. Signup!

Infobip Conversations, an Automated Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution with Chatbot Support solution

Infobip has launched Conversations, a new omnichannel contact center solution that connects the world’s most popular messaging channels and provides businesses with the necessary data to seamlessly communicate with customers on multiple channels, using one simple interface.

Kick Start Your Customer Experience Journey! Customer Think Discounts! offer

Thinking about getting started…but not sure how? Started your journey but not going anywhere? Attended conferences and seminars and still not sure what’s next? Hoping for something to inspire you…but not seeing it? Waiting, procrastinating, and worrying won’t get you any closer to improving your CX. Save 25% now!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Platform solution

Dynamics Labs is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) training platform created by Pascalcase Software. We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training. You can find video tutorials, courses, case studies, assignments, and more. Our training methodology is entirely different compared to old school approaches. We focus on the case-study-driven approach.

Free Consulting Hour for CustomerThink Subscribers offer

Free consulting hour includes: advice giving and revision of current processes, online campaigns or digital strategy. Delivering the actual work is not included. This can for example be NPS surveys, email or social media campaigns, sales or service processes in CRM, business intelligence etc. Anything related to digital.