Marketing Automation is not = Lead Generation


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Today a lot of B2B companies are opting for marketing automation solutions. Makes good business sense, why lose out on those possible sales opportunities when you are doing everything possible to drive traffic to your website. But there is a serious problem, with the perception that is associated with using a marketing automation solution. For some reason, marketing automation on most occasions is mis-interpreted as a Lead generation solution.

When in reality, marketing automation is just a part of the Lead Generation process and not by any means the end.

As the name suggests marketing automation is about automating the marketing activities of any organization. So the automation of the repetitive marketing tasks results in increased efficiency in the organization. But this understanding has been many a times mis-interpreted to consider Lead Generation as part of the marketing automation process.

Not if you see it as one of the means to your end objective – the lead generation process.

 Lead generation process

Lead generation process



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