Marketers Still Not So Confident with Digital


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Less than half of Australian digital marketers feel highly competent in digital marketing.

That’s what the Digital IQ Index 2014 published by Digital Chameleon found when they researched a sample of brand, agency, and media organisations.

To me it says a couple of things….

(i) Maybe digital marketers are a modest lot and being not so confident is a respect for the nature of digital, being in it’s teenage years really and constantly evolving.

(ii) Many Australian brands and organisations are not well placed when 48% of digital marketers across brand, media, and agency sectors do not feel highly proficient.

If you were to believe the lack of confidence from the digital marketer, then what would you say when 37% of generalist marketers feel highly proficient in digital marketing?

I would expect a significant disparity between the two but not so surprising perhaps.

So what is it that everyone is struggling with when it comes to the digital disciplines?

Well the research found that Online Advertising and Data & Analytics are definitely two sticking points. A whopping 94% of those surveyed felt that they were below the threshold of competency when it comes to online advertising, whilst 89% thought they were also below that competency threshold when it came to data & analytics.

The infographic below sums up a couple of brief points from the 2014 Digital IQ Index – If you would like to download the report here it is.

Digital marketing skills



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