Management Decisions That Minimize Noise During Call


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Why is call center outsourcing in demand? One of the reasons would be the incapability of the businesses to take large volume of calls and meet the customer issues. The businesses trust a call center because they feel a professional outsourced organization would be able to cater better customer satisfaction. Professional services are what the businesses are after when choosing a call center. So, it is a responsibility for the outsourced organization to live up to the expectations of their clients. When the expectations are so high even small things matter a lot. External noise during a call is a major deterrent; it poses a problem for the agents taking the call. But worst still, when the external noise filters into the ears of the caller, it creates a negative vibe. The caller would feel the call center is not paying heed to his/her problem. This can become a major barrier for effective communication in the long run. This is why reducing external noise is very important in a call center setting. There are some effective management decisions that can help cut the noise.

Tips to Minimize Noise

  • Training: When there is a new recruitment, apart from the process related training there should be a special coaching where the agents are taught to keep their voices down while on the floor. They should be explained how irritating it is for another agent when someone talks at the top of his/her voice. Knowledge about the right level of voice and tone (to be used while at the floor) should be imparted to the new comers.
  • Mobile Phones: This is the era of communications. Every call center employee would be carrying a mobile phone to the floor. You cannot restrict the entry of mobile phones in the premises. But you can set a regulation whereby every employee has to turn the sound off. This will help minimize the noise emanating from incoming calls or SMS.
  • Breaks: No one can work for extended hours at a single stretch, there is need for breaks. Breaks help an agent relax and take the next call with more energy. But these breaks should not cause a problem for another agent who is on the call. This is why it is a good idea to encourage agents to take their breaks in another specified area, which is far from the floor. Some call centers have even gone as far as having some chocolates and drinks for the agents in the designated break rooms.
  • Web Chat: All the agents should have web chats in their systems. Web chats create uniformity in the working environment. It is a common sight to see the junior agents shouting at the top of their voices asking for help or information from their superiors. Imagine if there are a couple of employees on the floor who are shouting at the top of their voices what impact it would have on the other agents taking the call. The web chat allows juniors to ask for help from their superiors without any noise at all.
  • Recordings: Everyone wants proof, the agents too. No agent would accept that they were noisy on the floor, unless they hear it with their own ears. It is important to keep the recordings of calls that were hampered by loud external noise. Play the recording to the agents and show them how it hampered the calling process. Most of the time, this trick works like magic and the agents do not repeat their mistake.
  • Seating: Noise levels would be high when there are agents from different shift sitting together. There is a rise in the level of noise when agents from a certain shift walk in or leave the office. This is why it is important to seat all the agents from the same shift together, so that everyone arrives and leaves at the same time.
  • Discussions: Discussions are always important when working in a professional field. It helps the business grow, but not when it is done behind an agent on the call. When there is a discussion happening right behind the agent providing technical support, it would distract the agent. This is why it is important to teach the employees to never discuss behind an on-call agent.
  • Games: Call centers go to great heights to keep their agents happy and relaxed. There are some companies which have even introduced games that can be enjoyed by the agents when they are taking breaks. But there are some important considerations before such implementation. There are some games which create a lot of noise and excitement, such games are not ideal for the workplace. The games room should be distant from the work area so that no noise enters.
  • Conversation Area: Some call centers have created a specially designated zone for holding conversations. This area might be on the floor itself, but it is covered by sound proof glass. So, all the talking inside this zone stays there and does not disturb the agents taking a call.
  • Plants and Water Features: Studies have proved that water features and plants can absorb a lot of noise. This is why it is good to have some water features or plants on the floor. Such additions will also help the agents stay calm.

These are some ways by which you can reduce the noise within a call center floor. None of these decisions would sound harsh for the employees and yet they would yield desired results.

Alicia Gray
Alicia Gray is an BPO and outsourcing industry analyst, and writes about technology. Currently working with one of the business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider. My role has been instrumental in assisting businesses to choose the right BPO Services.


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