Major 5 Reasons to Play Footsie with Android App Development Company


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With the number of mobile app users increasing substantially, it is high time for the businesses worldwide to develop highly interactive and user-friendly apps that deliver high-performance assurances. Nowadays, the online businesses out there keep looking for the best possible solution that helps deliver the desired results in the most cost-effective manner. In such a scenario, the role of highly effective mobile apps cannot be undermined.

There is no denying to the fact that in comparison to website designing and development, Android application development tends to be less complex and budget-friendly at the same time. This is the reason why most business organizations nowadays look forward to highly professional development options to yield the desired results.

When you are a high-end company or organization delivering high-tech IT products and services, going for DIY app development is simply out of question. Though it might imply the investment of less money, there could be significant issues with the overall functionality and ease of use of the given app. As such, hiring highly qualified and well-experienced Android app developers serves to be the best choice out there.

If you are still in a fix, here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider hiring an Android application development company:

1. Specialized Expertise in App Development: In most of the companies, the respective IT team consists of the “jack of all trades” having relevant IT-related knowledge –right from website designing to effective SEO, digital marketing, database management and so more. However, as the old saying goes, “jacks of all trades are masters of none”-this might hold true in app development.

The successful designing and development of an Android-based app would imply the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the different programming languages and devices for developing the app. The members of your company’s IT team might be highly tech-savvy enough to work in the programming fields of Java and a few other languages. However, being adept at the latest Android app development trends and strategies might not be their piece of cake. When you hire an Android app development company, the team members here might be well-equipped with the desired knowledge and years of experience in developing effective mobile applications successfully.

2. Presence of Dedicated Resources: One of the most important aspects of partnering with a reliable Android app development company implies being able to utilize the consistent, dedicated resources offered by the company. There is no denying that developing a mobile app tends to be a complex process. This might take several weeks to months in order to come up with the desired results –right from the conceptualization of the idea to its final implementation in the business structure.

Though the IT department of your company might have the required personnel and capabilities towards getting the process of mobile app development started, they might lack behind on the important resources needed to make the Android applications up and running for the end users. Especially, when it comes to considering the fact that your company app might require proper, consistent post-app deployment maintenance services as well, it is high time that you regard hiring a professional Android app development company as your reliable partner.

3. Agile Capabilities: On a usual basis, most of the in-house app development teams tend to follow a simplified, linear app development process –planning the designing of the mobile app, developing the entire mobile app before its testing, and then, launching the app solution. However, the given “waterfall” technique of the Android app development process is highly obsolete and might come with its own set of specific downfalls. This could negatively affect the overall performance of the end product or solution.

On the other hand, when you go forward with hiring a professional Android app development company, the app development teams here rely on Agile development technique instead. The agile app development technique has been designed to serve as a more flexible process. The agile development schedule is aimed at increasing the amount and the overall effectiveness of the testing applications on the given Android app. At the same time, this process also simultaneously aims at retaining the realistic timeline of your Android app development solution.

4.Scope for Expansion Opportunities: You might go ahead with designing and developing the Android app by keeping a certain business goal in mind. However, with the passage of time, as the app turns out to be successful, you would want to expand the reach-out of your app across different devices and platforms as well. For instance, your Android app must be able to expand its functionalities onto other devices and platforms including desktop, tablet, smart devices, and others. In order to achieve the same, you might need skilled Android app developers with relevant expertise in the given diverse devices and platforms to make your app compatible with these areas.

Thankfully, the app development company that you might hire will be well-versed in all the major app development platforms. The development team would be aware of how to take your app and tailor it to deliver high performance in the next subsequent versions or platforms that will help in increasing the overall reach while maintaining consistency.

5. Ensuring Long-Term Partnership: We usually hear from the businesses who are hesitant towards partnering with the Android app development companies as they are afraid that after the starting app development process, all ties with the particular company might get severed. As such, most businesses usually prefer working with the internal IT teams that are able to troubleshoot and maintain Android apps throughout their life.

However, this fact has been built around a faulty premise. In fact, your mobile app development company stays for a longer period –right from the start of the development project to the post-app deployment services.


Given the importance of hiring a well-renowned mobile application development company for your Android app development solution, make sure you hire the best service provider in the given niche!

Hemendra Singh
Mr. Hemendra Singh, Managing Director, also the co-founder of The NineHertz is a visionary leader who oversees the corporate direction and successful growth of the Company and its employees, alike. With a career spanning nearly 10 years and a degree in Information Technology, Hemendra is the epitome of the new-age entrepreneurship in the emerging Digital India, who has catapulted The NineHertz to be counted among one of the foremost IT Companies in India.