List of Challenges Associated with React Native App Development


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React Native App development quickly escalated just after 2015 when it first came into the market. Developers and companies all across the world realized its importance and the benefits that it fosters. And the organizations around the globe leveraged it as much as they can. This use of react-native to its utmost limit and benefits led to people discovering a certain amount of problems and challenges that it renders. And that is why you need a react native development company to overcome these challenges and to continue working towards your goal.


Just like every other framework react native also has its own limitations or challenges and that is what we are going to enlist here in this article. If you are a new startup or a decade-old organization learning about these challenges will help you greatly in streamlining your work. These will help you to avoid stress and save your time that is spent on understanding these challenges every time they occur and rectify them. Plus, you will be able to use cross-platform app development in the best way possible once you know the below-mentioned challenges.

1. Performance Issue

This problem arises due to the fact that react native is still not mature enough. Often we face the performance issues when we work with the react-native development series. But the team behind react native at Facebook says it is building a new architecture that will automatically eradicate all these issues related to performance. Moreover, it will also solve the problem of bridge serialization along with improving the communication amidst the elements of Javascript and native that occurs at different times. Therefore, new architecture already seems promising.

2. Oftentimes native developers are required

It is supposed to be a cross platform app development but often native app developers are required for its working. This requirement is clearly evident at the times of heavy operations of computation for the applications based on react native. At such times you are forced to dispose of all the computations to the mobile app’s native part and for this, you definitely require a developer of the native module.

Plus, while using an SDK such as Google Analytics one needs to thoroughly understand the native library’s core working in order to comprehend the integration procedure of react native with it. This needs to be done carefully so that nothing else is disrupted.
To overcome such issues certain tools are provided like the Expo. These make react native much more convenient to use.

3. Same components do not behave the same always

When it comes to cross-platform app development there is no need to tell that once an app component is written in either type of frameworks it will behave in the same manner on the both the platforms, iOS as well as Android. But this is not the case always though it should be. That is why you need to look for professionals when you hire react native app developer. As only a professional and experienced reactive native app developer will be able to understand these issues and overcome them.

4. Requires a developer with multiple expertises

As clearly mentioned until now that react native development services require the developer to switch amidst Javascript and native counterparts. Therefore, at the time of writing code, developers often need to maintain it as per the environment or platform namely, Android, iOS, and React.js whereas they could have written the same code for all the platforms.

5. Challenges thrown by Abstraction Layers

To render more functionality with the react-native, abstraction layers are created after each platform. The problem that these abstraction layers cause is that any bug that may arise in them can cause unexpected bugs in the entire application. And the main issue is that these bugs are way too difficult to diagnose and rectify. Plus, owning these abstraction layers also implies that the user relies on the services of third-parties or libraries in order to keep the framework updated for preventing it from collapsing. Such challenges give you more reason to look for professionals when you hire react native developer.

6. Forced to execute custom designs in the native language

This is one of the other disadvantages of having abstraction layers. You have no choice when it comes to implementing custom designs. You can only execute them the native languages such as Objective- C, Java or Swift. And this further decreases the benefits of having the hybrid platform ultimately disappointing you. This is why you need a react native app development company to handle your work.

7. Reliability on libraries of third-parties

React Native app development is clearly one of the best so far but still for certain use cases one needs to check and assess the robustness of the implementations. And at such times you need to rely on the libraries or resources belonging to a third-party. This issue is, however, expected to last for another year or more, so make sure you look for solutions from the third party when you start the development procedure.

8. Lacks support for multiprocessing or parallel threading

Yes, React native does not render any support for multiprocessing or parallel threading. It consists of only one Javascript thread because of which slow performance is observed at the time of executing multiple processes. And as a consequence, your application can suffer. For example, if you need the app to execute video and live chat in parallel you will need some other framework then react-native as this is not possible in react native.

Summing it up

Even though react native is now more than two years old it still needs to develop more. All the challenges or limitations that have been mentioned above are faced by react-native developers all across the world. And these were not the only challenges that react-native poses, there are more with which the react native app development companies combat. That is why there is a high demand for such companies in the market. And CIS is nevertheless one of the best.

Amit Agrawal
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