Learning Methodologies and Customer Retention


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Research shows that we tend to remember:

• 10% of what we read
• 20% of what we hear
• 30% of what we see
• 50% of what we hear and see
• 70% of what we say
• 90% of what we both say and do

In other words, you are more likely to learn and retain when you are fully engaged in the material. When I’m facilitating classes I keep those statistics in mind because it suggests that the students who are active discussion leaders, and are fully participating in the group assignments most certainly understand the concepts I’m trying to get across. In short, they usually perform very well, and are a blast to have around.

As a marketer, I also like to reflect on what those percentages suggest as it relates to customer engagement and retention. Promoters, advocates, evangelists; whatever you call them, when they’re positively engaged with your brand it’s a blast.

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