K.I.S.S. Your Microsoft Call Center.


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The good folk at Ignify, the CRM and ERP consulting firm proud of their Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle Partner secret handshake, have released what they’re calling an “enhanced contact center platform” for Microsoft’s CRM Call Center Agent Desktop.

“Enhanced” as in “simplified,” since simplifying is almost always enhancing. The product lets customer service agents using Microsoft CRM “prioritize incidents and escalate those incidents for resolution with just one mouse click.”

These are people who know from K.I.S.S. — in a recent interview with industry observer Brendan Read, Lori Wizdo, Knoa’s vice president of marketing, said implementing a contact center or CRM system “almost always results in performance issues in regards to end-user-technology interaction.”

As Wizdo correctly told Read, “frequent issues that occur during CRM integration include slow transaction times, quality problems, employee works-arounds, misuse of applications based on call type, and proficiency issues.”

Sad but true: Not all contact center agents decided on taking the job over accepting a Fulbright Scholarship. They appreciate your keeping things as simple as possible for them, and it can’t be much simpler than one mouse click.

Of course as The Onion reports, maybe sometimes things can be too simple…


  1. Call centers should constantly adapt new technology to their practice because this helps agents provide top-notch service to customers, which is the ultimate goal of a call center.


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