JTBD Maturity Framework Comparison Matrix


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I’ve taken another stab at this. Not totally different; but some re-wording and re-prioritization based on my observations of the fast-following crowd in Jobs-to-be-Done (not really so fast, quite lagging actually).

Keep something in mind as you read this. This is not about marketing; it’s about understanding customer needs for the purpose of innovating. That could be in product development, other consulting services, marketing, training, whatever. The key is a complete and final framework that can ensure an entire organization is firing on all cylinders in an integrated fashion.

I’ve also compared the “Switch” version of JTBD to Outcome-driven Innovation. There is a clear contrast. We are used to following personality-driven concepts because we can point to the personality when we can’t explain the concept. It’s critical that we understand and can explain the concept in a systems-thinking world.

JTBD Framework Maturity Comparison Matrix

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