Is your CRM telling the whole story?


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I recently logged into my health care provider’s web site to look at test results and realized that there was a lot of missing information. This caused me to wonder if my doctor had access to all of the information, or if he was making his diagnosis based on partial information.

So, I sent an email to the technical support department of the patient portal provider and this was the reply I received:

Mr Russell,

I am sorry to inform you that our medical system does not contain all of the information you are looking for. Certain information is entered into another legacy system and is not fed into the patient portal. Be assured that your doctor does have access to the information in the legacy system.

Needless to say, I was surprised. By the sounds of it the legacy system is there to my Dr if he remembers to look in it! What if he forgot, or was busy?

I cannot begin to tell you how many times this scenario is repeated in companies throughout the world in their CRM. CRM only tells the user half the story about the customer. If the user wants the whole story they have to view data in other systems such as ERP, Support, QA, etc.

But what if the user forgets? Or is too busy? The result will be the same as my doctor making a diagnosis without all the facts. Bad!

Sales people are busy. They don’t have time to dig through multiple sources of data to get the whole story on a customer. If they can’t see the information quickly and easily, they will usually not seek it out before making a “routine” sales call, and WHAMMO! They will most likely be blindsided by a piece of the story they were ignorant of.

Save a life. Take the time to integrate your CRM to the appropriate systems allowing CRM to tell the whole story about your customer.


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